I’m not sure it’s that simple? It’s kinda like a sick twisted catch-22. Wasn’t everyone’s abuse a secret? Didn’t the perp threaten to kill you or worse? Didn’t you promise the perp you’d never tell? And now you want to tell your parents? I told my wife like you did but not under such demanding circumstances; and just uttering the words that I was raped to her caused me outrageous amount of pain; see I was the guy how would never tell no matter what, I could’ve been under pain of death I would never “rat” anybody out, never, and here I was ratting out my grandfather for fucking me. The catch here is the only way to freedom is to talk to someone about what happened, what your emotions are and were about the abuse and how to integrate your inhuman pain and suffering into your current life without feeling like a victim? Meaning telling other people simply to tell other people might just be your sub-conscious trying to maintain its victim role in your personality. See you’re not the victim anymore! You’re talking about things that happened to you; sometimes the deeds need to be separated from the feelings; use your mind to analyze the thoughts and actions, use your heart, trust your heart, listen to your heart it will help guide you, you’re here talking like a man about things no person should ever be able to relate to, you’re not a victim anymore you’re a man!

Full disclosure my mom is the only surviving member of my family; she not only condoned my abuse; but over the years made horrible comments to me that I couldn’t quite place until recently; so that’s my reality, no one else to tell; my sons why? However one of the first things the wife asked after I told her was, “you’re not going to tell anyone else; right?” I just laughed; can’t let the neighbors know that I’m a “sissy whore” can we?
Not sure if this helps but it’s where I’m at right now.

Good luck!!!

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine