Though I can't ascribe every ailment I have ever had to CSA, there are a few things that come to mind as possible:

ADD that didn't become apparent until not long after the CSA at 13. I was in the gifted program, but found my attention span had plummeted. I became a Ritalin kid.

Bladder issues. Every so often, I would develop severe urgency and bladder/ prostate spasms. Doctors hardly ever saw teen boys with bladder infections in the absence of STDs. At 14 I had uncomfortable swabs of my urethra to check for STDs...which came back neg. I had a cystoscopy which found nothing either. Both tests were unpleasant to say the least. The dr chalked it up to the stress of a recent move, sports, and academics.

Severe neck pain that did not relate to sports or anything else apparent.

Adult-onset asthma at 38. I hike, bike, and swim, but I developed breathing difficulties during exercise. The others resolved over time, but the asthma is still with me. It isn't bad, but I carry an albuterol inhaler just in case. Interstingly, it got worse as the sandusky stuff came to light.
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