Ditto to what Robbie said, except that at some point, now or in the future your sons May blame you for not figuring it out. This often stems from a child's innate belief that parents are
"all-knowing/seeing". So I recommend preparing for that also.

Teens can & do come to this site. PM a mod for guidance on this.
But please be aware that people here are not required to tell you what your sons might say here & it can get dicey with confidentiality & parent boundaries.

I would also suggest you make connections in the Friends & Families Forum.

Lastly, check out the book list MS recommends, and/or, PM Ken Singer for book suggestions for teens.

Welcome & I hope we are able to be supportive to you.
They will not Give you peace, you must find it yourself, you have the power within you, but you are not alone, We will find it together. -Blacken