I never realized
   At least not till today
How much of my behavior
   Is from the things you used to say

I make every effort
   To keep my intelligence in the light
I guess that comes from you telling me
   That I just wasnít very bright

I have no sense of humor
   Iím pretty cut and dry
But you always said I was no good at jokes
   And that I shouldnít even try

My stories you thought foolish
   My curiosity Ė inane
If anyone needed punished
   We both know who you would blame

It really is ironic
   And possibly quite sad
The day I needed most a hero
   Instead I had you for a dad

the story
††† https://1in6.org/men/bristlecone/mark-krueger/

Kirkridge - October 2008
Alta - September 2012
Alta - September 2013