My meds are many. I've just added yet another TWO meds because of ultra-painful sadness. the P does not see as more "depression" but more as radical and severe "sadness."

I now suffer from Virtigo cuz of all my meds. And this is REALLY bad, another med.

With all my co-pays for meds and the requisit therapy appointments, I can't cover the cash.

I no longer qualify for pharma assistance programs.

I truly don't know what to do.

I slithered so low as to mention it to my pseudo-wealthy father who just returned from a month in France. No reaction.

I'm supposed to pay a large percentage for maint on the marital residence (where I don't live). I have to pay child support. I have to pay all the normal bills for living else I'm viewed as an unfit father. If I miss the court-required payments, I go to jail.

The credit industry has my phone ringing ALL day long.

When a house reaches a certain point, they crunch it.

When a car requires too many repairs, they scrap it.

I'm happy to have God on my side cuz he's the ONLY one who can get me out of this.

Je Suis Charlie!