Despite the fact that
a) medical colleagues have reported seeing Ayres out and about, acting perfectly mentally competent within the last two weeks (and without his walker!)
b) despite the fact that Ayres' ably assisted in the selection of his jury for the mental competency retrial and that the only time he took notes was when a prosecution expert witness testified that he was competent to stand trial, and was overheard laughing and cracking jokes with his lawyer and wife during a courtroom break....

Now word comes down that Ayres' lawyer attorney is pushing to cut a deal for him to go into a lockdown dementia facility, and that if they can find one that will take him, all sides will agree. Apparently the "prosecutor" Melissa Mckowan does not believe a jury will ever return a finding of competence and thus a criminal retrial is pretty much an impossibility.

Hmm. What we are hearing from a a pro tem judge who was in the Redwood City courthouse when the mistrial for the mental competency occurred was that the San Mateo DA's office just doesn't want to spend any more money on the Ayres case.

Too bad the DA's office didn't act on that rape complaint on Ayres that came in to their office in 2008..... Too bad they haven't sanctioned the prosecutor for making false statements and hiding inculpatory evidence..

Not to worry! This isn't the last chapter- not by a long shot.

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