I would suggest discussing this in detail with a T before you go any further. Like you, I've dealt with trying to build male friendships while trying to keep it non-sexual and dealing with SSA.

The short version is that it got weird, I got clingy and the friend got sick of being in the front row of my emotional baggage. That was two years ago - I had to go back to zero - completely drop whatever assumptions I had and start all over again. That was while I was in therapy, while I got treatment for chronic depression and while I started talking with people here.

My advice at this point is - you need to be okay with you before you seek friendship with other people. Maybe I'm projecting too much but you seem to need 'friendship' (whatever you think that is) a little too much. I fear you'd walk into a friendship with too much codependency.

Start with asking yourself what you bring to a friendship first. What do you bring to the table? Is it a good thing? Assume nobody responds: Are you okay with being by yourself? If you aren't enough by yourself - you'll never be enough with someone else. Does that make sense?