I can see now that a lot of Lorie's reaction is based upon a natural inclination to pick-up the blame or see that blame was/is assigned to her by default. With me running around saying "my arm is broken and it ain't MY fault" seemed (in her eyes) to be assigning blame to her.

We both work that way. We are very defensive and ready to interpret blame being assigned to us, then we are MORE than ready to attack the source. We are BOTH guilty of that. I hope that now we can dis-arm in unison.

When nations do that, they have elaborate meetings in beautiful places. I think a trip to Zurich is called for.


Help with my CSA issues have been denied or refused from:

Churches, Some Ts, Some MDs, TWO Mental Wards at Hospitals, My Sister, Pastors...ALL BECAUSE THEY "FEEL THAT THEY ARE NOT EQUIPPED TO HANDLE SUCH A HEAVY ISSUE."

So WHY do we assume our spouses are so equipped?

We all had to SURVIVE by different and unique means. Only God truly knows what we went through.