My friend Jerry called today to tell me how he could determine the legal custody of Boy-X (age 10) in Texas. The conversation went like this:

You guys tell you think the kids in this story might be vulnerable to CSA???

Rob: Why is his custody in question?
Jer: Cuz he's might come up here to Massachusetts (MA)...he's getting into too much trouble in TX.
Rob: And his parents are where?
Jer: No one knows where his father is...he was one of those one-night things...his mother is here in MA but she has nothing to do with Boy-X.
Rob: Has the mother seen this kid?
Jer: Probably not since he was a baby, then he was passed-off to Frank.
Rob: Who's Frank?
Jer: My sister's old boyfriend who moved to Texas with my sister.
Rob: How the fk did Frank get Boy-X???
Jer: He lived with Boy-X's mother for a while and she dumped Boy-X with him.
Rob: So your sister and Frank have had Boy-X living with them in TX?
Jer: and on.
Rob: Where's your sister?
Jer: I dont one's seen her for a couple of years. Maybe she's in Boston...she's a crack whore.
Rob: So Frank called you, looking for you to take Boy-X???
Jer: No. My wife's brother Jim called us from TX.
Rob: HUH???
Jer: Jim (who also lived with my sister for a while) got off-and-on custody of Boy-X.
Rob: What the fuck is that degenerate Jim doing with Boy-x?
Jer: Its a long story, but he was much better off with me!
Rob: But Jim is a coke-head, loser scumbag who refuses to work!!
Jer: Yeah...but trust me...he's better off with Jimmy.
Rob: OK...So Frank is all for sending Boy-X to you in MA?
Jer: Yeah...he really doesn't give a shit...If I send a plane ticket, he'll send Boy-X...and maybe Boy-X's little brother.
Rob: There's a little brother????
Jer: Yeah....Same mother...different father.
Rob: need a Family Law Attorney. Boy-X and his little brother need Therapy RIGHT AWAY. And probably should get them up the MA right away....DO NOT leave little brother behind in TX.

We all had to SURVIVE by different and unique means. Only God truly knows what we went through.