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#463564 - 04/02/14 11:55 AM Re: help. [Re: victor-victim]
CafeMan Offline

Registered: 03/18/13
Posts: 154
Loc: Chicago
Great post. I have been bumping up my prayers lately and I noticed two things. One, my sense of being is calmer, and I am more at peace with myself. Two, great things are starting to happen to me! It's about time!


#463570 - 04/02/14 06:31 PM Re: help. [Re: victor-victim]
nltsaved Offline

Registered: 08/26/08
Posts: 887
Loc: Kc,Mo
Do not Ever think that you are unworthy of God's love and affection. The Truth is none of us can do anything at all to be worthy ,we are already counted worthy because what Christ did for us. So there is Nothing we have done and Nothing we can do EVER to merit our worthiness. You are worthy not because I said so but because Christ said so on the cross. Nothing and I mean Nothing can separate you for the love of Christ EVER Nothing can snatch you out of his Hand. If you ever find yourself condemning yourself for falling short for sin in your life do not convince yourself that you are unworthy of Redemption because you have been Redeemed already do not convince yourself that you are not worthy because you have already been declared worthy. If you have grieved the holy spirit than repent and turn away from what ever is grieving the spirit of God within you. Do not be the reason you feel you are separated from God you can Not go off of your feelings because they are unreliable ,but what you can do is Stand firm on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and hold every thought captive and bring it into captivity to test whether it is of God or not from God and if it is not than reject it and cast it out. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by creator God and he loves you always has always will . Do not let the enemy convince you otherwise !!
Video of me telling my story
you are not alone never were
Why i hate Religion but love Jesus

#477858 - 02/24/15 02:49 AM Let me get home before dark [Re: nltsaved]
victor-victim Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
Posts: 4822
Loc: O Kanada
Let Me Get Home Before Dark

Itís sundown, Lord.
The shadows of my life stretch back
into the dimness of the years long spent.
I fear not death, for that grim foe betrays himself at last, thrusting me forever into life:
Life with You, unsoiled and free.
But I do fear.
I fear the Dark Spectre may come too soon Ė or do I mean, too late?
That I should end before I finish
or finish, but not well.
That I should stain Your honor, shame Your name, grieve Your loving heart.
Few, they tell me, finish well . . .
Lord, let me get home before dark.
The darkness of a spirit grown mean and small, fruit shriveled on the vine,
bitter to the taste of my companions,
burden to be borne by those brave few who love me still.
No, Lord. Let the fruit grow lush and sweet, A joy to all who taste;
Spirit-sign of God at work,
stronger, fuller, brighter at the end.
Lord, let me get home before dark.
The darkness of tattered gifts,
rust-locked, half-spent or ill-spent,
A life that once was used of God
now set aside.
Grief for glories gone or
Fretting for a task God never gave.
Mourning in the hollow chambers of memory,
Gazing on the faded banners of victories long gone.
Cannot I run well unto the end?
Lord, let me get home before dark.
The outer me decays -
I do not fret or ask reprieve.
The ebbing strength but weans me from mother earth and grows me up for heaven.
I do not cling to shadows cast by immortality.
I do not patch the scaffold lent to build the real, eternal me.
I do not clutch about me my cocoon,
vainly struggling to hold hostage
a free spirit pressing to be born.
But will I reach the gate
in lingering pain, body distorted, grotesque?
Or will it be a mind
wandering untethered among light
phantasies or grim terrors?
Of Your grace, Father, I humbly ask. . .
Let me get home before dark.

Robertson McQuilkin


#480310 - 04/05/15 02:02 AM Re: the power of prayer [Re: victor-victim]
victor-victim Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
Posts: 4822
Loc: O Kanada
Prayer is an essential part of our ceremonies. It is the aspiration of the soul toward the Absolute and Infinite Intelligence, which is the One Supreme Deity, most feebly and misunderstandingly characterized as an architect. Certain faculties of man are directed toward the Unknown ó thought, meditation, prayer. The unknown is an ocean, of which conscience is the compass. Thought, meditation, prayer, are the great mysterious pointings of the needle. It is a spiritual magnetism that thus connects the human soul with the Deity. These majestic irradiations of the soul pierce through the shadow toward the light.
It is but a shallow scoff to say that prayer is absurd, because it is not possible for us, by means of it, to persuade God to change His plans. He produces foreknown and foreintended effects, by the instrumentality of the forces of nature, all of which are His forces. Our own are part of these. Our free agency and our will are forces. We do not absurdly cease to make efforts to attain wealth or happiness, prolong life, and continue health, because we cannot by any effort change what is predestined. If the effort also is predestined, it is not the less our effort, made of our free will.

Albert Pike- Morals and Dogma

Now I lay me down to sleep.
My bomb-proof cellarís good and deep.
But if Iím killed before I wake,
Remember, God, itís for your sake.

Dalton Trumbo - Johnny Got His Gun


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