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#491903 - 11/27/15 06:49 PM Re: Exercise Motivation Team [Re: king tut]
1in6 Offline

Registered: 10/05/14
Posts: 29
Loc: North Carolina

I thought this post must have died also. It's a shame, exercise of any kind is really good I think.

As for how it helps with my PTSD is with the more dissociative issues that I have. Flashbacks, vivid memories and nightmares have really had some debilitating effects on me. So when I work out, instead of trying not to think about so many bad memories, I conjure them and, in my mind, I'm beating them into oblivion. I run faster and workout harder, than they can affect me. I listen to heavy music at high volumes and I put everything I have into it. This may be like a form of a placebo or more like I'm trying to convince myself that it works, but I have fewer of the horrible dreams and the vivid flashbacks are much less overpowering to me now. So if I'm only psychologically "tricking" myself into thinking this works, I don't care because it works for me.

Oh, and the added health benefits are cool too. To me, those benefits are all just an extra bonus because I don't workout for those reasons. I workout as therapy and for me, it works.

#491936 - 11/28/15 11:08 AM Re: Exercise Motivation Team [Re: king tut]
Carries The Fire Offline

Registered: 11/04/15
Posts: 97
Loc: Alba
1in6 & txb,

Because I have no clue on where to start!! when people go on about carbs and diet etc without explaining I go dizzy! My diet is good, and mixed, no bad habits because I cannot drink alcohol, and don't smoke, or do drugs etc only 2 poisons for me are 1) Cheese and 2) Irn Bru (txb you know what I mean when I say those words).

So I have no clue where to start, after my nervous breakdown I need to get strong again, I have never done weights etc, so do not even know where to begin, but started doing 100 push ups, 100 squats, stretches and planks to begin with which is a start.

Mountain biking and swimming on top. And tomorrow, I start a martial arts class, sword fighting, no not fencing . . . .I mean sword fighting, properly, so should be interesting.

I also want to take up a proper martial art, however so many options, that I am clueless in which one to do, I have ruled out Judo and Karate though, so looking at the rest.

txb what you say about the wedding makes perfect sense, and the powerful message there, hey, look at me, I am not that little boy anymore, see, want to come and try something now? So I can entirely relate to that, especially after just going through an internal journey.

I have also just come out of such a similar 2 month phase, focus on one thing at the moment, I barely ate only my 2 poisons which put the weight on as I was not very active But everything changes tomorrow. Need to work on a plan. I do prefer low impact stuff due to injuries etc but I like running etc. As for weights I have no clue.

One other thing I have started doing again is mountain climbing/hill walking, its cheap, its free and plenty mountains out here to explore, with or without company!

Cheers for reviving this thread!

#491953 - 11/28/15 11:07 PM Re: Exercise Motivation Team [Re: king tut]
gettingstronger Offline

Registered: 09/24/13
Posts: 300
Loc: Virginia
Hi CTF, txb and 1in6,

Great to hear, all of you! It sounds like things are moving ahead in good ways for everyone.

TXB, I like your approach too for the wedding. Let him look at you as a healthy adult, and not a little boy. Even having in a position where he's bound to notice you but where you don't have to say a word is priceless. Love yourself regardless, but I hope you hit that goal beforehand!

CTF, running and walking are great ways to start. If you want to do weights, focus on mild amounts of weight and moderate set sizes. I'd do no more than three sets of 10 to 12 reps with enough weight to push your muscles slightly but not enough where you're in all sorts of pain the next day. And don't work those same muscle groups more than twice to three times per week. You're working on building up your tendons, increasing your range of motion and building proper form, not large lifts. So to me, that's the best starting point with weights.

Varying things with mountain biking and swimming is also a great thing!

1in6, it's great to see you consciously challenging these thoughts while you're running. That's the best time, if you ask me. I like to let the images, etc. bubble to the surface so I can look at them as an adult, not a screwed-up little boy. I'm seeing them differently as time goes on. But having the fortitude to almost dare them to show themselves so you can defeat them is awesome.

The great thing about the subconscious is that it will believe whatever you and I tell it to believe, if it's told something enough times. This is how I once beat the panic attacks that began around age 5 when the first abuse happened. Every time I go into a situation where I've had them in the past, I have an almost-automatic procedure of picturing myself having a great time. My subconscious has "seen this" so many times, it no longer feels the need to panic for self-protection.

I also make a point of relaxing beforehand (at least 30 minutes to an hour) in a dark room, lying down, and reminding myself to "be kind to yourself, buddy. Tonight's going to be fine. You're going to have fun." I repeat this, gently, as a father would to his son. In an hour or less, I'm ready to go have a blast.

My point is, if you're seeing fewer of these dreams and if they're less violent/scary/creepy, whatever you do is working. I love that you're taking ownership of them and refusing to either hide from them or be afraid of them.

Keep it up, gentlemen! I found out my shoulder is only bursitis (no arm sling, nothing torn and no surgery necessary.) My doc put me on Prednisone, which put me in a crappy mood but also helped me free up some more long-held anger and pain. So even that was good. No mud runs until Spring 2016 (Doctor's orders) but I can run all I want until then.

Thanksgiving 2015's 10K results: First to finish, 6.4 miles overall instead of 6.2, and my fastest time ever, by 5 minutes. Then my buddy and I did another 2 miles the next day, but leisurely and with several stops. All good, and massive amounts of healing over the holiday. Take care all and post the good and the bad.

I'm normal. What happened to me wasn't.

#491956 - Yesterday at 03:38 AM Re: Exercise Motivation Team [Re: king tut]
Carries The Fire Offline

Registered: 11/04/15
Posts: 97
Loc: Alba

thanks for the advice and not just with the fitness. My way of challenging my thoughts is through very aggressive music which really helps me, and gives me the strength to combat the images when they arose, and I would delve right in there, after a few times, it became less and less intimidating, to the point now, I rarely get flashbacks in image form, but do get them in feeling form if that makes any sense.

"I have an almost-automatic procedure of picturing myself having a great time. My subconscious has "seen this" so many times, it no longer feels the need to panic for self-protection."

I really like this idea. When I was a child I used to do this before I went to sleep. I would think of something to dream of, and for the most part it work. Chewy, reminded me of this, so tried it again last night, and it worked!!!! It was amazing!!! I know it will not work %100. But as I faced my demons in the waking hours, this helped me combat them in the dark hours.

Anyway to business, it is 08:20, so now I need to get motivated, I have a 4 hour class of proper Sword Fighting to do, this shall be a test of both mental and physical strength, especially as I recover from this nervous breakdown.

An unusual way to get fit, but interesting also.

6.4 miles in 5 minutes ... . . that is indeed impressive, keep up the good work.


#491969 - Yesterday at 03:09 PM Re: Exercise Motivation Team [Re: king tut]
1in6 Offline

Registered: 10/05/14
Posts: 29
Loc: North Carolina
Hi gettingstronger,

Thank you for your encouragement. Today is the one day I promised my wife that I would take to give my body a break. I totally regret making that promise! I hate not working out. And today I'm feeling like I could use a really good run. But I have plenty to do around the house today so I better get busy. Thanks again. It was nice to hear from you and txb (best of luck!) and CTF (I hope you can sort it all out).

Congrats on the news about your shoulder:-)

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