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#461943 - 03/03/14 02:44 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]
victor-victim Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
Posts: 3007
Loc: O Kanada
do you have a new url link to some of your artwork.
your link to facebook did not work for me.
i am not a FB member anyway.


#461946 - 03/03/14 03:26 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]
Thebo Offline

Registered: 02/16/11
Posts: 328
Loc: NYC
I apologize for not posting in a while. Many of you have been so kind in your support and, believe me, I appreciate it immensely. To bring you up to date, for the fall semester I took the Dynamics of Art Materials and Transforming Community Through the Arts. Art Materials was pretty easy, I have to admit. The final project was just an exercise of creating art that expresses where I am at the moment and write a paper about it and how interacting with the materials was significant. My piece is "Trial by Fire". It's about transformation. I built a miniature stone fireplace with a picture of me as a child in the hearth. On the opposite side was a furnace. I used tissue paper to depict fire and wasn't pleased with the result -- except that at some time I I plan to ignite the whole thing and burn it up. The teacher loved the idea.

Transforming Community was hard. We had to do community projects. I ended up working on two. One was working with a team to produce a Wiki. Bleack! But we did it. The other was working with an after school program for children whose mothers are incarcerated or who have been recently released from prison. One little guy, about 4 years old, latched onto me. Scared the crap out of me. We did a skit and we made a costume together. He INSISTED I tie up his wrists and ankles. He was very serious. I can't read too much into it, but I mentioned it to the teacher and to the woman who runs the program. I had "a feeling" about this kid.

This semester I am taking Art Therapy for Groups. Taught by the same teacher as Art Materials the class is going fine. I am part of a group doing s project for the class to participate in. I'm not thrilled with our project, but I acquiesced. The two women in my group were gung-ho on a particular idea so i did not fight it. I figure the grade is more on the paper.

My other class is Abnormal Psychology. It is very trying for me.

Therapy is very intense. The Abnormal Psych class plays heavily on that. Hearing lectures about PTSD, dissociation, depression, etc. is difficult.

I may be starting my masters sooner than I thought. I did not even think i would be going for a masters.

I have approached the organization where I do my volunteer work several times about employment. They like what i do, but they aren't forthcoming. I know they are taking advantage but the experience is good for me to have under my belt. However, this month they pulled a stunt that was insulting. For every program the organization gives the clients a Metrocard and a snack. For a while they were giving them grocery items that were not snacks, but items that needed a can opener and to be cooked. a lot of these guys are homeless. So, I started bringing in candy from me. Lately, because candy makes them wired, I've been bringing crackers with cheese in the little packets that can be packed for lunch. Keeps them calm. However, i noticed the organization seems to come up with the shorts on snacks every week now. I'm like, "Aw come on!" I am like, how cheap can you get? Just the same, even though they are not biting on my requests to be hired, I am going to try to get my internship out of it.

We will see.

Take care, guys. Thanks for reading my posts and being interested in me. Oh!, by the way, this past month is the first ever I believe that I really may be smart and that it is not perverted to like that babies are soft. My abuser would say, "You are so soft." So... Babies are OK to hold and feeling nice about their softness is not bad. At least not in my case.

All right I need to close or I'll be triggered. i am so grateful to you guys.

#461947 - 03/03/14 03:58 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]
peroperic2009 Offline

Registered: 10/09/11
Posts: 3599
Loc: South-East Europe
Heeeey (((Thebo))))
it was so good for me to see you here and rad your update.
You are helping so much to your buddies, I hope organization would give you more support and step in. I know how big is to those guys to be creative, to do something guided by you and not to feel completely abandoned. You are our hero!

And it is always so inspiring for me to read about your progress with education.

Keep it up like that wink

My story

#461953 - 03/03/14 08:01 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]
cant_remember Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 1038
(((((( Thebo )))))))

Sounds like you're doing pretty well.

Recovery is possible. Hang in there, brothers.

#461954 - 03/03/14 08:26 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]

Registered: 08/31/11
Posts: 1540

You have accomplished much--keeping yourself quite busy. I hope the courses are helping you gain more insight on your own situation.

I hope your employment opportunity materializes as well as seeking your masters degree.

Great to hear you are well and wishing you the best in the future. Keep moving forward.


#462166 - 03/07/14 03:12 AM Re: Moving ahead [Re: Thebo]
Thebo Offline

Registered: 02/16/11
Posts: 328
Loc: NYC
Thank you, guys for sticking by me

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