Thought for to day

I Opened my eyes this morning for another new day in life.

I do not know what this new day will bring

Perhaps it maybe will be a good day filled with wonderful things.

Perhaps it maybe will be not so good as i suffer in mind, body,or soul, from a hurtful things in life.

But no matter what this day may bring.

I am thankful to all mighty God for his love care and blessings in daily life,

For there is always someone worse off than myself in this new day in life.

Someone is suffering In this new day in mind body or soul from hardships In life.

I think and count my many blessing and thank God for them in daily life.

I think and pray for all who are suffering pain in mind ,body and soul from some hardships in daily life

May God bless all who are suffering in mind,body or soul at this time

i pray that God,will support and surround those in need with his love and care and may they know the wonders and comfort of Gods love in a time of need


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We are brothers on a journey,and companions on the road
We are here to help each other share the burden and the Load