I grew up in Utah with my single mom. At age 4, I was diagnosed with Asperger's. I was bullied a lot because I was nerdy and weird. At age 7, my mom got me a Big Brother, with whom I spent a lot of time with. Nothing really happened until I was 8. My mentor "Louis" started to become more physically affectionate with me with kisses, massages, taking showers together and his performing sex acts on me and vice versa. He took a lot of pornographic pictures and videos of me and uploaded them to the web. That is how he got caught. I was 12. I was shamed beyond belief because my whole community found out that I was molested by this guy. To make matters worse is that Louis was an illegal from Mexico and I was a blond hair blue eyed white kid. You can only imagine what kind of abuse the kids at school hurled at me.

We moved and tried to start a new life. But I would receive emails from men who recognized me on facebook and they would tell me they were a fan of my "work" and ask me to do sexual things for them.

I tried seeking help but there are very few therapists who have experience in my situation. I only did therapy to appease my mom. I went to a group therapy and it was nothing but a bunch of fat old women. I am only 21 and to this day have never met another guy my age who went through what I went through.