I was brainstorming about this for quite a while, but I was thinking if the site would make/sell packs of "business cards" for www.malesurvivor.org -- we could then take them and anonymously leave them in public places or where maybe someone we think may benefit from the site. It could have a simple message on one side "Men: you're not alone"

On the other side
"At least 1 out of 6 guys have experienced sex abuse in their lives.
But we are not alone. Find help, healing, and community at

Course, this is just a suggestion but it would be an interesting approach for us to reach other guys without pressuring or unnerving. If it's too much, survivors won't have to follow though but if they want healing, they could check out and find out about this site. If it were site sponsored, at least they'd be uniform and easy enough to order if we wanted to pass them out.

I guess you could even have a little questionnaire people could fill out before they could order them to make sure they won't be passing them out in such a way that could cause backlash.