A Smith College School for Social Work Professor (Dennis Miehls) is seeking men who might participate in a research project that is situated geographically in Western Massachusetts. Dr. Miehls is recruiting men who self-identify as having been bullied as children, are currently in some form of counseling or psychotherapy and are at least 18 years of age. There are some survivors of sexual abuse who experienced bullying either during the sexual abuse itself or in addition to it. Any members of the community who feel they meet this criteria are welcome to contact Dr. Miehls.

Some men who were bullied as children did not have confidence in their physical abilities or perhaps were seen as clumsy or non-athletic by their peers. The purpose of this study is to assess if participating in individual functional exercise training with a certified personal trainer will help to enhance the participants self esteem and/or their sense of physical/athletic self. This intervention may help the men complement the gains that they have made by being in counseling or psychotherapy.

Dr. Miehls will interview participants after they complete 30 sessions of individual training in a private setting. Only the researcher and the trainer will know of the participant's history of being bullied and all information that is given in the interview will be coded for confidentiality and privacy purposes. No names will be utilized in any dissemination of the results of the study.

The participants will receive the training and the cost of the facility membership at NO COST TO THEMSELVES. It is likely that participants would want to live within a reasonable commuting distance to Western Massachusetts as the training will take place at STRIDES Human Performance Institute which is in Northampton.

Interested participants should know that Dr. Miehls has received full approval from Smith College's Institutional Review Board (Ethics committee) to conduct this research. The trainers are flexible in terms of their schedules and would accommodate the schedules of the participants.

Please contact Dr. Dennis Miehls at (email) dmiehls@smith.edu or (phone) 413-320-3347 if you are interested in the project and would like more information.

The above research study has been approved for distribution to users by the MaleSurvivor Research Committee. Participation in any of these approved, posted studies is completely voluntary and any participant can withdraw from a study at any time. If you have questions about the IRB approval process, concerns about this study, or questions or why a study has been approved for posting on the MaleSurvivor site, please contact ann.boyer@mssm.edu or lgallo@lagcc.cuny.edu

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