It's been some time since I was in here but recently started twice monthly therapy sessions. Doctors notes indicated social isolation, insomnia and PTSD. My angina is still being investigated but it may very well be associated with these other items and not physical.

Not sure if I am relieved or now scared of myself to have some kind of diagnosis forming on what I am.

I am just a couple of months now from coming face to face with my perp after more than 40 years. I confided in my Therapist that I had considered tracking him down and confronting him one on one but he pointed out that it would be risky (aside from the legal aspect) as it was unclear who was going to do the confronting my 12 year old self or my 54 year old self.

When I am dealing with this it seem I am breaking down and reacting like my child self. Anybody else have that happen? Thx.