Standing Up for the Family Scapegoats, Trevor Todd of Vancouver

The middle-class family was invented so that adults could abuse children. To be middle-class means that you do what you are supposed to do, not what is prohibited or what would get you into trouble. So it is state sanctioned torture.

To be middle-class means that you maintain the family boundary. The doctors and therapists you deal with are the ones you hire. These professions serve the middle-class.

So one who is the family scapegoat will suffer life long denigration and abuse everywhere they go. We are almost never publicly vindicated. Doctors, therapists, and all professional experts, side with the parents and the supposed values they have been entrusted with transmitting.

So most people give up trying to achieve public vindication and a legitimated biography. So we end up in Recovery, Religion, Psychotherapy, or Motivationalism, or were just on Alcohol and Street Drugs.

Now the people who abuse their children are the ones who become senile. The worst of them are senile-suicidals. The meaning of the things they say is always, "Come on, kill me, do it."

So of course it is always best to settle scores on this side of the grave. But few even try.

Well Trevor Todd is the premier estates lawyer in B.C. There are some laws which are different there, and Todd has helped defend them. But most of all it is just that Todd sides with the family blacksheep or scapegoat. I read his material and it almost sounds like he has been listening to me.

He will approach the senile-suicidal testators, and usually that is enough to melt the wax out of their ears. He will also try and get the siblings to close ranks. But if not, he files a lawsuit.

The middle-class abuses its children because it knows that it can get away with it. So while settling it via inheritance is the end game, it is still necessary to do this, before we are going to have any chance of earlier intervention.

So we need to find people who are at least trying to do the same sorts of things in the U.S., and then back them up.

Notice also that this case involved the parents claiming that the child had ADHD. Todd can see that this is just a way of trying to delegitimate the child, just as it will be with Autism/Aspergers or any supposed mental illness.

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