I'm beginning to start to stop ignoring my past. I've got my first therapy session coming up in a few weeks so started looking at my story now. I'm 21 so at least I have plenty of time on my side to change things.

I was placed in foster care when I was 3. My home life had been abusive and full of neglect. I wasn't a good fit for a foster family and was placed in a series of children's homes and that was were the abuse started. I was forced to take part in child pornography and suffered every form of abuse until I was 13.

When I was 13 i overpowered one of my abusers and seriously assulted him. I was placed in a young offenders institution. Ironically prison was were I was most free. When I was 14 I gave evidence against my abusers. I left care at 16 and joined the Air Force where I am now a medic.