Gentlemen, thank you so much for so openly sharing your stories and giving us supporters the ability to understand and knowledge WRT how to be most supportive.

I have noticed incredible differences in just the last couple weeks I have been in thes website with you. Thank you for making all the difference. Below is my report:

1) He seems to have lost all worry that I will judge him negatively for the "wildness" of his sexual fantasies. He used to hesitate to tell me because he was worried I would think him gay for some or disgusting for others. Last night he spoke in detail and made requests for the future
2) he accepts that I don't want to be put in the role of abuser and calmly addresses my carefully worded inquiries about whether his request will allow him to remain in the present with me or remind him of the past, bringing a third unwanted party into the bedroom
3) last night he assured me getting to the point where he is happy and at peace, both for his own sake and for mine, was a work in progress
4) one of the fantasies he described involved him initiating and maintaining extensive and prolonged contact with my entire body
5) and lastly, he didn't hesitate to let me know that for now, he is still more comfortable if he initiates any kind of physical contact rather than me. He also said that my ability to touch him depends upon his mood at the time, which I knew, but he said it with such a casual and relaxed tone, confident I would be understanding and accepting I suppose?

Anyway, thank you very much for has been very helpful