Hi everyone,

I wanted to clarify for everyone a point that has caused some confusion. MaleSurvivor's Conference is open to professionals AND survivors AND all other partners in recovery. We have a large number of workshops led by survivors, and will have art therapy and a safe room on site (available during the conference hours) and other self care activities in order to ensure that resources are available for survivors.

In addition, please know that on FRIDAY, OCT 31 we are holding a 1 day WoR workshop for survivors themselves, and will also have a WoR alumni dinner later that evening for anyone who is interested in joining. MS is picking up half the cost for the dinner - so it only costs $25 for attendees to join other WoR friends and facilitators.

So, if you are considering joining us, please do! There are still rooms left at the hotel AND you can still get Discounted Airfare on United Airlines. Remember, the conference hotel is right at Newark Airport, so you can go straight from picking up your bags to checking in for the conference!

You can get all the information on the conference right here: http://www.malesurvivor.org/conference.html