.0039% of people will be diagnosed w/ ALS (which is still 1000's of ppl annually, and far too many). However almost 25% of men, and more than 60% of women have experienced or will experience some form of sexual abuse during their lifetime. (Source: 2010 CDC National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey)

Non profits that serve various causes don't need you to dump anything on your head. We just need your support. If nothing else, I hope this video will inspire someone to tell a friend about a cause that care passionately about, but usually keep to themselves for fear of being embarrassed or ashamed.

If you can, please, make a donation at www.malesurvivor.org Every dollar we receive helps men who have been sexually abused rebuild their lives. If you can't, you can still make a difference. Pass along info about our website - www.malesurvivor.org. If you know a male survivor of sexual violence (and you do, even if you don't know who it is), learn how to be someone who helps them heal.

Please help us spread the word by posting the link to social media: https://t.co/oJdMlRPR1q

And use the hashtags #endabuse #malesurvivor #icebathchallenge