My name is Lee 83 and when I was young, my father forced my to do things with my sister and my father forced my sister to do things with him. It irritates me because when i look back sometimes, I couldn't imagine what went through my sisters head. It makes me seriously angry towards my father.
Anyway, like sex but I want to masterbate (don't mean to offend anyone) to a picture of a woman. I'm not in the mood to, but then, I force myself to just to feel good and to keep my Personal area up and going. I have trouble with erections(not trying to be to explicit) and I don't feel interested in woman my age. I'm always looking at woman who are in their 40's or something. If a girl is dressed slutty, I want her but am not in the mood. If a girl is dressed in lingerie in a picture and she looks sexy, I want her. I'm really not in the mood to but I force myself to anyway and they other day I ejaculated like 5 times in a day, and again the next day. Since I'm not in the mood to.....I don't know what to make of this but, I think their might be a problem or's just that something isn't ....right here. I really apologize if I have offended anyone here with my post. I really do. I had to get this out tonight.