He was the one who turned a blind eye to my abuse at the hands of the bullies who were his golden boys

Talking on the phone to my Mother a few weeks ago and the scout master had run into her while she was shopping, he was the one that the Who wrote the pinball wizard about "That deaf dumb and blind kid" WTF he must have been, how could he not have missed it, he asked how I was getting on, are you fucking joking?

was NOT afraid that he WOULD remember me but that he WOULDN'T. I was afraid that a period in my life that had been so earth-shattering and life-changing would have been discounted and dismissed and forgotten as of no importance whatsoever

I guess that I wanted it to mean something, acceptance by the adults, someone who needed this kid, in hindsight they'd probably forgotten by the next day

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To look up and not down,
To look forward and not back,
To look out and not in