If you believe you are a Christian and are lacking power , than you might have to ask the question that seems almost absurd to someone who claims to follow Christ.This question is not only essential but it must be one that you have to answer with the only answer that is acceptable which is Yes. If you ask the question and can not answer the question Truthfully or find yourself answering the questi...on No, than you will never be able to live in the power and might that God promises the True believer. The question is this .
Do you live like God is real ?
There are Christians that walk in power talk with power and authority and are triumphantly living this life that God is calling them to live. The only difference between those who do and those who do not is this , one is living as if God is real and the other well not so much. The believer has to enact his/her life into action coupled with the faith to live as if God is real, because God is real. The sooner you get on board with this reality and accept this truth the sooner you can begin to live like it. As a Christian we are called to be willing to set aside selfishness and sin. This means if we are racist or have unforegiveness in our lives it is no longer optional for them to dwell in us. We have to deal with these uncharacteristics of Christ within us. You can not boldly proclaim "I will not forgive" so and so for this or that when we are called to forgive. You can not boldly proclaim "I hate" this person because x, yor z when we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Living like God is real is humility in action the very opposite of our prideful selves. Do you live like Christ is the lord of your life ? Are you willing to go where he would have you go , do what he would have you do and live how he would have you to live ? I can assure you it was never on my list of to do's or on my agenda to go into a prison and share God's word to sex offenders and convicted sexual child abusers. But if I am truly called to forgive those who have wronged me or even hurt me ,than is it still an option for me not forgive ? The answer is no, it is not an option. I have been told "I could never do that if I had been molested" "I would not be able to talk to someone who has done those things" . Well is it that ,you will not because if you stop right there you have answered. I WILL not . We are not called to live in Our Will. As I said I would not have under my own will ,but Not my will but God's Will. If you have one foot planted on quicksand living life according to your own will and ambitions and the other foot planted on a firm foundation wanting to do God's will and live out his purpose , you have to understand that these two are Not compatible. One foot will always be sinking pulling you further and further away from the truth away from God and in into a life of unbalanced stability.This is where so many Christians go astray , only willing to go so far allowing God access to certain parts of their lives. Not fully understanding they are missing out on truly living as if God is real. Someone who only allows God into parts of their lives are choosing to exalt their own ideas and beliefs above this God who they say exists but in reality do not live like it. The challenge is to answer this question truthfully and honestly.
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