when i get back to normal –
wait – was there ever a normal for me?
if so, how far back would i have to go?
and would i even recognize “normal”
if it hit me in the face?

OK then . . .

after i'm all better –
uh – will there someday be such a time?
when everything is fine, and if there is,
how long will i have to wait
until it actually comes true?

How about . . .

once i am over this –
but – is it really something you can “get over?”
or is it something that stays with me
for better or worse, making me both:
a part of me – for good?

Or maybe . . .

after i've recovered,
when i am restored,
once i have healed,
gone past survivor –
to thriver . . . ?

So . . .

how do you say it
and what does it mean
and when will it be
and how will I know
when it is enough?

Maybe . . .

this is
as good as it gets . . . ?


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As my life goes on I believe somehow something's changed
Something deep inside...
I've been searchin so long to find an answer
Now I know my life has meaning
Now I see myself as I am, feeling very free...
When my tears have come to an end I will understand
What I left behind: a part of me. Chicago