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Blue Ridge Assembly is the location for our spring 2015 Level I Weekend of Recovery. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly is a full service
conference center situated on 1200 acres of woodland. Western North Carolina is known for its scenic beauty and the surrounding countryside has ample mountain streams, wildflowers, ridges, valleys, and spectacular views. The Assembly was founded in 1906 as a YMCA student conference center and has a rich history. The facility is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and hosts conferences, retreats, and leadership training activities.

You can visit the Blue Ridge Assembly website at:

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"For the first time in my life I didn't feel alone."

Those are words heard over and over again by people who attend a MaleSurvivor Weekend of Recovery. As survivors, many of us struggle with feelings of shame and stigma that keep us isolated from one another. By connecting here, on the website, you have taken the first steps to breaking through the isolation and through the pain to begin a journey of healing. For more than 10 years, at over 60 retreats, over 1000 men and women, survivors and therapists, husbands, wives, and partners have come together to help support one another as we embark on those healing journeys.

Learn more about MaleSurvivor Weekends of Recovery, read testimonials from former Weekend Alumni, and to see the calendar for upcoming events visit the Weekend of Recovery Information pages.

If you have general questions about the Weekends program, please contact Co-Chair Jim Struve at For registration questions please contact Community Outreach Director Trisha Massa at

The weekend gave me an opportunity to share my experience with others and break out of my isolation. It reminded me that being a victim is a choice and that I can choose to be a survivor instead.

Hope Springs 2011 Alumnus

This weekend provided me with the tools I needed to begin my recovery journey while offering me a safe, comfortable, supportive environment to experience the wide array of emotions that hit me over the course of the weekend.

Guest House 2013 Alumnus

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