I knew this week was going to be grueling--meetings all over the state. Flights in a small Beechcraft from Brunswick to Bainbridge--loving it and hating it all at once.
As we walk or fly through through life, we gather the good and bad---and in my case, there is an ever-present soundtrack. Those who know me also know that when synchronicity(coincidence?) occurs I pay attention. I started the week driving to a small airport outside Atlanta.

The first (random) song on my car's MP3 player Monday morning was…."Walking on Down the Road" by the Jayhawks. It's a special piece of college radio memory for me. The last song played as I pulled into the driveway this afternoon was… yep the one and the same. I HAD to pay attention.

I'm beginning to "Walk on Down the Road."

I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made. ---FDR


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