Fresh sex offences guidance published over here in the UK, reading through the report on the BBC I couldn't believe the following extract......

They also remove a child sex offence, which was previously labelled as involving "ostensible consent".

The Sentencing Council said it felt this was the wrong way to look at these offences as "children do not consent to their own abuse".

Its such a sad indictment of the judiciary that they believed that children could consent, although in my opinion the wording is still incorrect, they are viewing children through the eyes and experiences of an adult who has the ability to say "I do not consent" in my experience as a child being abused I was incapable
Go back?" he thought. "No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!" So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter

J.R.R.Tolkien, The Hobbit