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#448246 - 09/25/13 10:43 PM Where I am right now
JoeSmith Offline

Registered: 05/03/13
Posts: 129
I’m really not sure what form of closure is going to occur. I am working on it. Right now, it’s hard because my life is stuck. At almost 50 yrs of age, it is almost impossible to start over, and dealing with the anger and rage is what’s affecting me right now. I can’t seem to get over it, yet.
My psychologist tells me that while sexual abuse among children is quite common, up to 63% of us are sexually abused at one point or another in our childhood, what has made it so difficult for me to deal with is that it happened when I was so young. I was around 5 yrs old when I remember it beginning.
The other “problem” for me now is that the abuse was complicated and tended to involve the whole family in one form or dynamic or another; both of my older sisters, my mother and my dad. I tended to be the primary target.
The main thing I am struggling with now is trying to find some sense of justice and closure.
You find that, when you are the victim primarily of a sadistic mother and mother and son sex abuse, you tend to receive very little understanding or support from people. That makes it harder to recover. People don’t understand it, and they don’t want to deal with it. There’s something intrinsically horrible and shocking about a mother who would viciously abuse and attack her own young son, a child, that people don’t want to “see” it, or really address it. So you sit there, with nothing to go on, aimlessly drifting about, unable to find any real closure to anything.
I’m also learning now my father was involved, more than I thought he was. People might say, why didn’t you say something? I didn’t even know it was abuse at the time, and, I always figured I was powerless to do anything about it. The one thing sexual abuse survivors often learn is 1) they’re helpless to stop the abuse when it happens, and 2) no one cares.
Female victims have it a bit easier than male victims in the sense of accomplishing justice. When they report a rape against a male, it is generally taken seriously. The public supports them, and only turns if the allegations prove faulty or false. I am NOT saying female victims have it easier in terms of the abuse, just easier in terms of being listened to, heard and taken seriously when they make their complaints. They receive more support.
Male victims today who are the victims of male predators, priests and so forth are also, finally, receiving some justice, and I am happy for that.
But the male victim of female sexual abuse still lingers somewhere between oblivion and the corner when it comes to receiving any form of justice of any kind, whatsoever. Often times, it is we who are looked at skeptically. We are not generally viewed as victims, but as potential “problems” to society, when we were victims of horrible sexual abuse and atrocities. Often times, it is the male victim of horrific sexual abuse perpetrated upon him by his mother who winds up in the state mental hospital, staring at the walls and talking to himself, forever. That is the fate that lies before US. Lock us away, give us Haldol to stop the pain, and forget about our lives, which were lost anyway, so who cares?
This is what angers me right now.
What is the answer? I still do not know.
It does not sit well with me that my mother and sisters and even father, to some degree, were able to throw my whole life away like it was nothing, like I meant nothing. All they have to do is deny it and we all go about our business, as if nothing happened. “Too long ago”, “Who cares”, “get on with your life”, “Forgive her”, “Accept you were dealt a bad hand and let it roll off your back”, none of these advices work for me, and it’s strange you could never say the same things to the people who tell you this, even if someone so much as stole their toaster from them. That’s a crime! That’s theft.
The sexual torture and abuse of a male child, at the hand of his mother, that’s nothing.
This is what I am struggling with right now.
How I make my way out of this maze, is anybody’s guess right now. I really don’t know anymore.
I played by the rules, my whole life, it got me nowhere. It seems to get me nowhere, anyway.
But I can’t move on from what happened to me yet. I’m still stuck in anger, and shock at what happened, that no one was held accountable, that it all happened like it meant nothing.
At least I do have a therapist who believes me and supports me right now. That is helping.
That is where I am right now. smile

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#448357 - 09/26/13 10:19 PM Re: Fascination [Re: JoeSmith]
focusedbody Offline

Registered: 02/03/13
Posts: 447
Loc: NY

I understand that anger can seem like too much, but even doing what you are doing with it is a good step. Most of the time, anger is the tip of the iceberg on top of a lot of other feelings. For that reason, resolving it may not be as important as putting it to use, as you have done, so that even more can be explored.

Lose the drama; life is a poem.

#448378 - 09/27/13 01:29 AM Re: Fascination [Re: JoeSmith]
Shyshark Offline

Registered: 10/30/12
Posts: 617
Loc: Canada
Hi Joe ...
There's something I would like to share
and I hope it won't upset you
because I've decided to say it a new poem.
I think a lot of people read first edition submissions,
but don't bother to read the replies.
It's presumptuous of me to think what I have to say
is so important that I have to bypass you ...
but I'd like to do this.
I hope you understand why I'm doing it.
Experience is a brutal teacher.

#448494 - 09/27/13 09:52 PM . [Re: focusedbody]
JoeSmith Offline

Registered: 05/03/13
Posts: 129

#448499 - 09/27/13 11:05 PM Re: Fascination [Re: JoeSmith]
Shyshark Offline

Registered: 10/30/12
Posts: 617
Loc: Canada
Thank you Greg ...

It looks like my post is being read,
but no responses yet.
Perhaps my intention to give guys a word to use to describe
their overall situation and feelings may not have been successful.
I struggle with describing how I feel ...
"frustration" doesn't quite do it.
The word "angst" works much better for me.
I hope that guys like me will find it a useful tool to convey
more accurately what they say.
I know that the word isn't commonly used and it may not be
readily understood ...
but this whole process is about communicating and relating.
The more ways we know how to do that the better off we are.
Experience is a brutal teacher.

#448500 - 09/27/13 11:25 PM . [Re: Shyshark]
JoeSmith Offline

Registered: 05/03/13
Posts: 129


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