My earliest sex education (pre-CSA) was my father's Playboy magazines. In the 1960's they used a technique called "airbrushing" to erase the models vaginas, so it looked like there was just nothing between their legs at all. Of course all that changed in the 1970's, and now with the internet....holy cow!

Consequently, I had no idea what a guy would do with a girl besides look at her breasts. My pre-teen sexual feelings were aroused looking at them, but did girls have those feelings? It never occurred to me. At that point I thought sex was just looking at "dirty" pictures in Playboy. Put my penis inside a woman's body? GROSS!! Besides where would you put it?

Of course all that changed a few years later when my understanding of sex was forever twisted by the nice man who invited me into his house and gave me drugs and alcohol, and then......
Can't be bothered with sorrow
And I can't be bothered with hate, no, no
I'm using up the time but feeling fine every day
That's why I'm telling you
I just want to celebrate another day of livin'
Rare Earth