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#440105 - 07/05/13 03:18 AM Just to prove that some people do get it.
dark empathy Offline

Registered: 11/26/07
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Loc: durham, north england
This is something that utterly surprised me.

I'm a doctor who fan (at least up until the current producer took over), and have been collecting the audio stories produced by the company big finish, (to my mind the best doctor who currently around). For all none brits, Doctor who is a long running scifi series about an alien who travels around time and space in an old police telephone box.

I was reading reviews of some of the audio stories, and was utterly amazed by the conclusions this particular reviewer Thomas cookson drew from this audio adventure.

I don't always agre with Thomas cookson's conclusions, but I do love reading his comments since I find them fascinating, but here I was utterly staggered! here's a man deriving some of the best conclusions about male sa and society from of all things a story about futuristic mega coorporation who revive the creator of the Daleks (the most destructive race in the galaxy), to work for them.

This is possibly why I like Doctor who so much, since when it's done well (as in Davros), it can be amazingly poignient, but needless to say I never drew these conclusions. Stil, I find it really heartening to think that a scifi fan, ---- who as far as I know is not in the least an abuse surviver drew this sort of conclusion, just on his own through listening to stories about a time travelling alien and a power mad half cyborg in a wheel chair.

here's the artical:

#440114 - 07/05/13 05:30 AM Re: Just to prove that some people do get it. [Re: dark empathy]
victor-victim Offline

Registered: 09/27/03
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Loc: O Kanada
i was in london in 2011 and they had a huge dr.who museum show with all kinds of cool stuff. i went to check it out because my 17 yr old daughter is a huge fan. i got her a cool t-shirt and some souvenirs. i don't "get it" myself, but she sure does.

did you check that out?


#440115 - 07/05/13 06:14 AM Re: Just to prove that some people do get it. [Re: dark empathy]
dark empathy Offline

Registered: 11/26/07
Posts: 2314
Loc: durham, north england
missed it sadly Victor, though to be honest the new series under Steven mophat the new producer as of 2010 has really lost it for me, far too quick, flat and emotionally superficial, not to mention stomping all over the show's history. This is one reason I tend to stick with the audio adventures, not because they involved the classic doctors (most of which I never saw on tv since I was too young), but because they give time to tell a good story, often one with real dept and impact or a really interesting setting, not just a quick run round a set with some very shallow characters and aliens who are defeated by the Doctor yelling at them rather than a plan which actually takes a brain as most of the originals did. It's actually a little sad that these days Doctor who has sort of turned into a very fast paced semi teen drama with big explosions and lots of soap opera plot, when it was originally all about a very eccentric fellow (who in the past was never romantically involved with his companions), wandering through time and space essentially for fun, and stopping various alien invasions and other villains by the power of his mind, ---- indeed back when it started in the 60's it was nominally an educational program with a grumpy old grandfather type doctor who solved problems with applied science and went to historical periods.

Unfortunately the new series had to make it an emotional drama, which largely replaced friendship with a lot of soap opera plot. This worked some of the time, mostly when there was enough substance to the rest of it, but unfrotunately has gone off the rails particularly since I really can't stand the doctor's most recent companion, Amy Pond.

If you want to see Doctor who doing what doctor who should be doing, I'd suggest looking around for stories like Day of the Daleks, The silurians, City of death, genesis of the daleks, Talans of wenchiang or the happiness patrol, or from the new series, New earth, Rise of the cybermen, the impossible planet or the waters of Mars, or if you can get hold of any of the audio plays, I'd highly recommend spare parts, the one doctor (since doctor who is also able to do some wonderful comedy), Enemy of the daleks or indeed the previously mentioned Davros.

Doctor who, along with the works of Jrr tolkien that I'd considder myself a major fan of, ie, I have a large collection, and have attempted to acquire some knolidge of the subject, I've even got a large Dalek poster in my toilet! Startrek I enjoy as a tv program, but I'd not call myself a trecky, (I find it a little narrow in focus and overly serious as compared to doctor who), same with Babylon 5 or firefly.
With Doctor who though it's the shear amount of different sorts of stories, horror, comedy, science fiction, historical drama, and likewise the huge amount of settings ranging from the stone age to the distant future and nearly everything in betwene, plus of course the character of the doctor himself, then again I suppose it's in my personality to admire an absolute eccentric who wanders around time and space freely with a few friends, exiled from his people by his own desire solving problems with the power of his mind.


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