my family is different than most normal families
No mother I can remember from death she was stolen
A monster for a father
Evil and tortured followed

A father he was supposed to be
kind and loving
one to be strong and teach you values of life
one to go to when hurt or in need of help

a monster he truly was
one who beat and raped his sons
tortured and raised them in hate
the value of love was distorted and used for his personal gain

Monster who left his buddies use his boys
torture the sons that were supposed to be cared for
one young one beaten and tortured and brought into hell
three forced together and then two together

the family was different with a step-mom who was ignorant
brought into the life but did nothing to help
an affair with the one son
raping the youngest to leave the family her choice

a child born from hatred
a child to the youngest
a baby kept from him for years
then later returned into hell by a mother that took life and innocence

an older brother an asshole
running from the distorted family at his chance
only coming back a few times yet doing nothing to help
Coming for the youngest years later trying to come in where left off

a middle one so loving and caring
carrying secrets so dark and harming
protector forced as well as lover
becoming a monster himself as he snaps into pieces

a young helpless little boy brought into such hatred
used and abused
tortured and thrown down
unloved and taught the wrong love

Secrets kept from everyone around him
never knowing who's the monster
and who isn't the monster
never knowing boundaries or ultimate true trust

Used and cast aside by so many
the young wild soul wanders the unknown lands of hell
searching for a way out
finding it yet never fully leaving

a way finally given he takes it
evil following him there and disguising as the knight
a knight by day in his disguise that works
an evil bounty he is truly not the saint he is made to be

the bonds of blood and brotherhood tested to the core
breaking and tearing away as it unravels
snapping and not giving a fuck
brothers born to same blood break and fall apart

A fiance made to be
but evilness he is really
never being able to say what goes on truly
really who'd believe the young soul anyways

ripped from a short freedom
having to give up a love he didn't want to give up
safety though comes first and foremost
the young child is given a new life

a friend that should never have been trusted
scared and clueless knowing only him really
took that chance
blew that chance

harmed a little angel he did
the young one weeping for his hurt love
running scared this time
only finding he was hurt himself

two more angels from hatred they come
a gift to him from above
all three princes alike
all three now safe from harm and horrors

my family is different than most normal ones out there
what is normal though no one really knows
each hiding dark skeletons
each with hurting secrets and horrors

brothers found that understand the pain and confusion
brothers not of blood genetics
brothers none the less
understanding and acceptance finally

a very wise brother beyond his years
intelligent and smart
kind and caring and loving
accepting and understanding way beyond

he is my brother even if not blood
more my brother than my own and being the oldest he is
took me under his wings and keeps me strong from his stregnth
he is my brother the wise ol' owl

A very strong and brave brother he is
cunning and daring
hot tempered yet loving
accepting and understanding

he is my brother as well if not from blood
bonded together for protection now
strong and resilient he is with his protection
he is my brother the big Bear

A love that comes to me from a far away land
timid and shy at first and very scared
loving and caring
undoubtedly loyal and one of a kind

he is my love and my heart and everything
loving and caring and compassionate
always there and loved unconditionally
he is my true and only love and my Lion

I am the wild risk taker of my family
a wolf and dragon by nature i am
very protective of ones i love
ferocious and wild and not being able to be tamed

All three of us share together two more animal spirits
each being a raven and a falcon
each having the same attributes and powers these creatures possess
each a different level of them but combined forming a whole

friends we share together in a family unit
they are all totems of the spectrum
deer, fish, scorpions, eagles
ravens, owls, wolves, seahorses and on

this is my family
we're all different yet alike
i found and made my family what it is
i was accepted into it and take pride in that
I don't want to look back;I just want to start again;Somebody save me--- Pop Evil: Broken and Betrayed

I want justice I want you overthrown;I want courage I want to stand alone;I want your arrogance and I want your pain;I want your everything and I want you dead--- Rev Theory: Justice