You can take off your mask...

it has to be tiring to not let down your guard.

I am not going to judge your past.

I am not going to laugh at you.

I will believe you.

Take my hand

and you will find that I am faithful.

Not perfect...I will make mistakes,

I will hurt you though I don't mean to,

but I am faithful.

You deserve to take care of yourself.

You also deserve love from others.

So you can take off the armor with me.

Sit down and rest awhile.

I will sit beside you.

I accept you.

You are worth so much.

You are worth so much to me.

Being next to you makes me proud.

Talking with you gives me so much joy.

So, if you choose,

you can take off your mask.

Around me, just be who you are.

If you don't know who you are,

let me at least tell you this much...

You are loved.