fuck the past.
fuck you.
fuck the world.
fuck my face.
fuck me.
fuck the bullshit in my head.
fuck my repetitive, self-deprecating thought patterns.
fuck marketing.
fuck everyone constantly trying to sell me shit.
fuck this incessant stream of noise that hums so loud in my ears i can't hear myself breathe, let alone think.
fuck meds.
fuck not being on meds.
fuck this.
i want it to stop.
i want it all to burn.
i want this shit hole of a fucking existence to get smeared in blood, and filth, and vomit and shit and cum and burn to the fucking ground in an unholy and absolute holocaust.
i want to see a world encased in flames where people who thought they understood their lives realize that it's all shit.
pointless shit.
me included.
suffocated in it and burned to nothing.
a quiet, dead corner left in the cosmos with nothing left to even consider mourning it.
there is no way to quantify the hate in me.
for me.
and for everything i see.
i hope you fucking choke on this.