Friday 27th JULY - Sunday 29th JULY 2012

A Weekend Residential Workshop for Adult Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

This weekend retreat is for NON OFFENDING adult male survivors of sexual child abuse and sexual assaults, and because of the subject matter, and there being both day and evening sessions, this weekend workshop is residential.

* Experience shows that participants benefit far more, and your recovery and learning is enhanced by the weekend residential component.

* This event is intended for men actively engaged in their own recovery work.

Please consider joining in the company of other men, working on issues that affect male survivors and by working throughout the weekend, in groups, small workshops and other arenas of healing, you will reach a deeper understanding of the issues that have affected you and you will begin to see a better way forward, from the hurt and pain that has held you in isolation for so long.

The weekend is highly participative and focuses on several activities - group discussions, sharing of stories, anger work, other emotional expression, shared creativity, relaxation and even FUN in a safe, nurturing environment.

We provide a recovery experience in a safe, powerful environment of shared healing, as the weekend focuses on the reality of recovery as can only be shown by being with and around fellow male survivors.

There are many valid reasons for holding these weekend, but a simple way of describing it is as follows:


* 10% of what we read
* 20% of what we hear
* 30% of what we see
* 50% of what we hear and see
* 90% of what we do

....so we learn most by doing and reflecting on our actions!

More information can be read by following the link below

MSWR 2012