Masochism of The Soul

All alone
You and a conscience
What did you think it would come to?

Don't you hear the raven's above
Black sky of infinite wings
Singing the dirge laying you to rest

The incubus in your soul
The past is what you create
Constant regret

Bound by chains of guilt
Desires thought to set you free
A slave to your own darkness

Sins wrought under the moon
Kept hidden from the sun
Secrets lie in silence but so long

Bear the scars on your heart
Keep this voice in mind
Relinquish, confess, liberation

The gift laid to waste
This ephemeral existence
Eternity waits in forgiveness

Drifting in disbelief
Succumb to the coming tide
Drown a victim to your iniquity

Look again to the heavens
Know their unfathomable endlessness
To deny a realm greater than the cage you've been

The cosmos, sea, wind, the breath of life you take
The dawn, twilight, love, the certainty of death
Simple in their nature, beyond 'wisdom' of man

Take your petty pride of life, breathe your last
To die in ignorance, unknown beauty of truth
A fate even Hell shall pity