swirling like an endless sand storm,
through the looking glass of time,
memories flicker in my mind,
are they shards of nothing?

painful torment,harsh and mean,
flashes of my past,burn in my head,
making me wonder,
if they are shards of nothing.

trying to remember,trying to forget,
trying to live and move on,
these thoughts can plague me,
these thoughts can haunt me,
surely they can't be shards of nothing.

these shards are like razors, cutting me deep,
they pierce my serenity with one purpose only,
to tear me down,and hold me back,
but I am stronger than ever, and I will not succumb,
to these shards of nothing.

give me peace, give me love,
give me hope, give me strength,
give me a calm place to live,
where I can flourish and heal my soul,
and forget these shards of nothing.

Love heals everything