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#201308 - 01/25/08 11:57 AM Sexual abuse of boys - Article!
reality2k4 Offline

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On 24 January 2008, the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) published a report (The challenge of protecting boys from sexual abuse) which says that it is widely believed that one in three Australian girls and one in from five to ten boys are sexually abused before they leave school.

Using Australian and international research findings, this paper shows that the vulnerability and victimization of boys is substantially under-recognised and under-reported, that boys have been disadvantaged by child sexual abuse being regarded as a feminist issue and that child protection curriculum has not yet been developed to meet the special needs of boys.

The challenge of protecting boys from sexual abuse

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#201315 - 01/25/08 12:35 PM Re: Sexual abuse of boys - Article! [Re: reality2k4]
Freedom49 Offline

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Wow that is even worse than America as far as recognizing the problem and addressing it. That saddens me.


#201731 - 01/27/08 10:56 AM Re: Sexual abuse of boys - Article! [Re: Freedom49]
Lazarus Offline

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This is a really powerful article. Thank you for posting it, Reality2k4...

For those of you who don't bother to read the entire thing, I have taken the liberty of quoting some of the statements and statistics from the article in condensed form. It makes for fascinating reading;


In 1984, Victoria Aus. police reports showed that only 6% of child sexual abuse involved strangers.

In 1994 researchers found that 13% of male sexual abuse was comitted by strangers.

Interviews with male sexual abuse victims indicated that 43% liked some aspect of their abuse.

Although 52% were anally raped and 57% had to provide oral sex, an astonishing 78.5% of male abuse victims considered their abuse to be 'normal behavior'.

When 84 convicted child sex offenders were asked if they were sexually abused as youths, all but one said no. However, when asked about their early sexual experiences, they revealed offenses by an average of 14.2 offenders each, 50% of whom were female.

Researchers interviewed 411 child sex offenders and found that 42% reported being aroused by the idea of sex with children before age 15. More recently, interviews with 4007 self-reported child sex offenders, researchers found that 1 in 20 adolescent males is already a pedophile who fantasizes about having sex with children.

Researching with more than 500 convicted child sex offenders, it was discovered that the male sex offender commits an average of 522 child sex crimes before being apprehended at an average age of 31.5 years.

Canadian researchers interviewed 1213 students, grade 6 - 8 and found that 22% of boys had been the recipient of unwanted sex in the previous 6 weeks. How many others participated willingly in unknown. Also, on average boys are first abused at age 8 years, 4 months.

In 1998 research showed that two thirds of 511 make abuse victims denied that their experiences constituted abuse, despite high levels of violence and emotional damage, blaming themselves for what happened.

In 2001 researchers found that boys believe it is in their best interests to remain silent about sexual abuse. Male victims that identified themselves as victims reported nearly twice the level of psychological distress as men in other groups, suggesting that non-disclosure may be easier for males than disclosure.

In a sample of 198 Austrailian male victims, 29% were abused by adolescents and 29% by adults before age 6: 54% by adolescents and 44% by adults at the age of 6 - 10; 59% by adolescents and 68% by adults at ages 11-15. Those abused in early childhood tend to be continually victimized into adolsecence by an average 8.5 offenders. Those who became offenders themselves were characterized by the sheer volume of abuse they experienced and their acceptance of abuse as normal.

In 1997 research showed that male abuse victims took an average of more than 17 years to seek assistance with abuse related problems.

While most abused girls reported rape, only two of the boys in one study referred to anal rape. The remainder referred to 'wanking' and providing 'blow jobs' for older youth in school toilets and sports changing rooms. This happened with such frequency that boys regarded it as 'normal' or 'a private matter' and not reportable. This finding should be viewed with caution as an earlier study reported that 52% of male abuse victims reported anal rape.

When asked what they would do if older students behaved sexually towards them, 36% said they would make a report to school staff, but a majority referred to the risks associated with doing so. 16% said they would respond agressively. Agressive responses were sheer fantasy, given that 44% of the respondents had already been abused and all but one had responded compliantly and not reported it.

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#201776 - 01/27/08 03:26 PM Re: Sexual abuse of boys - Article! [Re: Lazarus]
Freedom49 Offline

Registered: 12/30/07
Posts: 2724
Loc: Washington State
Holy cow. This saddens me as I can relate to many of those statistics. The non reporting because the expericences were considered "normal" behavior. Non reproting because it I believed it would cause more trouble and upheaval in my life that staying silent. The list goes on and certainly dispels the belief I have carried throughout my adult life that I was unique, alien, and no one else could relate to my feelings and problems.


#201805 - 01/27/08 06:31 PM Re: Sexual abuse of boys - Article! [Re: Freedom49]
roadrunner Offline
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A lot of these statistics tend to confirm the material gathered in Josef Spiegel's Sexual Abuse of Males (2003), which is a basic reference text for professional therapists who work with male survivors.


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#201872 - 01/27/08 09:22 PM Re: Sexual abuse of boys - Article! [Re: roadrunner]
blueshift Offline

Registered: 01/21/08
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It's kind of overwhelming....the sheer number of suffering kids out there!
And so little that can be done about it....especially since nobody knows about it so much of the time. Very sad.

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