I cry for you each and every day
For you were taken away.
No you were ripped away by somebody
Did you cry and scream for somebody, anybody.
Were you kept in chains all those years?
Did you have mechanisms to crush the fears.

Will anybody come to set you free?
Or will you simply be
The one without a face, identity less
Will you know what you miss
The chains need to be broken one by one
To enable you to come out and see the sun.

You were snatched away when you were 10 years old.
No one ever came near so the truth could be told.
You were prematurely forced to be a man
You felt like no one can
ever set you free from the chains so strong
That you would never be able to sing a cheerful song.

It must have sometimes felt like 5 years would not end
That no prince on a white horse would be sent.
To eventually set you free from the shackles holding back.
Nobody blames you that you did not come out intact.
For 5 years of being locked up will leave you scared
It might leave you feeling barred.
from the society and family that you know
but are to afraid, the scars to show.

But now you can rise up from the floor.
Guilt you need in your life no more.
Lift your head and let the tears freely flow
Its over and you are no longer alone this you know.
The pain will heal but the scars will stay
and you will not be afraid to show them to the world someday.

You are alive and that is all that counts for now

Not Perfect, just forgiven