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Jump to new posts Re: A Singularity by Jude @ 09/17/14 10:44 PM

Welcome Abyss, You have a gift for putting words to your feelings. Thank you for sharing this. We are here, not just to receive healing, but also to give it to one another. You cannot know how your post may help one of us, but experience tells me th
Jump to new posts Re: rave review by victor-victim @ 09/17/14 05:31 PM

thank you so much for your empathy. it is still unwinding. major damage. all actions and attempts to repair relationships and reputations rejected. waiting is all i can do now.
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Prayer by victor-victim @ 09/17/14 05:00 PM

pray for me. i struggle daily. anger. addiction. idolatry. big ego. strong faith but bad habits. sins of the flesh. thorns. wordly concerns. need fellowship and spiritual support from survivors.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: First counselling session tomorrow by dark empathy @ 09/17/14 02:35 PM

Thanks people. @Dave, he did make that point himself indeed there is even a contract on the subject, however in a sense I don't want this to just be dancing around things, sinse if I can't address my genophobia, my abuse, and everything that goes
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Is anyone going to the conference? by WriterKeith @ 09/17/14 03:40 AM

Healingheart, I have spoken to many, many men who have attended over the past 4 years I've been involved here. Every single one has given glowing reviews about the experience. I know of two members of our LA-Malesurvivor support group who are atten
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: Need to vent: Today this feels too hard by journey4two @ 09/16/14 11:10 PM

I find myself these days in a very odd place. This place is better, certainly, then living with a "wall" between us. I had no idea of the degree of the turmoil that my husband lived in behind "his wall". My heart breaks for him
Military Survivors
Jump to new posts Issues with a medical from a few years ago by Cthulhu @ 09/16/14 10:12 PM

Okay background: A few years ago as a new infantry reservist I had a medical. I was at that time experiencing some severe PTSD symptoms from CSA. There was a few questionnaires. Some relating to mental health. I filled them all out accurately, a stu
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: I want to paint my bathroom! by Jim1104 @ 09/16/14 09:37 PM

I agree with the others. Paint to your heart's content.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Control -- guilt and trust by JW1230 @ 09/16/14 07:09 PM

Wow, your post really hit home with me. Your insight really rang true for me as well. You helped me realize that the little scared, wounded child inside me is running wild, trying to hijack everything because he hasn't yet learned to trust me the A
Health and Wellbeing
Jump to new posts Re: Self-Care by lostc @ 09/16/14 06:12 PM

I was pointed to this recently which I also found very similar and helpful:
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Penn State Surprise! by Obi @ 09/16/14 12:49 PM

She can't bring herself to admit it because she then would have to admit that she allowed it to happen and did nothing to stop it.
Jump to new posts Re: lawyer jokes by pufferfish @ 09/16/14 11:27 AM

This isn't a joke. I've been reading a fascinating book about a lawyer. In fact it's his memoir. He is very honest about his shortcomings and his agonies. He's a lawyer in Houston. The book has delightful descriptions of childhood and then it goes
Jump to new posts Re: Hear our footseps by zip14 @ 09/16/14 09:58 AM

You did hear our footsteps and you ran from the Cop did you think they would drop it? did you think we would stop? Who's that knocking at your door? who's that ringing your bell? it's the cops you fool your going to jail On another note. I am sure
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: The perp that lurks by Doubter @ 09/16/14 07:21 AM

"Relax, just relax," he kept repeating...hoping to coax an orgasm out of my terrified virgin body. "Just relax...let it happen." These are the exact words used by my abuser. I too was 14 years old at the time. My abuser was my fa
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Going Forward by kcinohio @ 09/16/14 03:57 AM

Yes, good stuff in your post. Thanks.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Darkness: A place of safety or danger? by WriterKeith @ 09/16/14 12:30 AM

ShortedDiode, If you have a blog, I will certainly subscribe and read it. If not, I encourage you to consider it sometime in the future. You have a gift there.
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: SWEET Justice! by tbkkfile @ 09/16/14 12:07 AM

Thank you Still it's appreciated
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: Sleeping in separate rooms by sugarbaby @ 09/15/14 03:44 PM

Some days the only 'tool' I have in my 'arsenal' is a sledgehammer. So after some regrouping and a bit of a chat we worked this out a bit.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: How do you deal with being triggered by tbkkfile @ 09/15/14 12:52 PM

Thanks for all of the feedback, it's given me pause for thought. What I hadn't bargained on was the voracity of the Flashbacks, I'd never experienced anything like that before, yes I'd gone through things with my T but this was like actually being b
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
Jump to new posts Good Triggers by Suwanee @ 09/14/14 10:12 PM

They do exist. For me, they usually come in the form of sounds--the sounds of katydids in the trees, cicadas, or the music in my headphones. I'm so audio-centric, so it makes sense that certain songs or sounds trigger the really good and the reall
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Feeling misunderstood by jas4159 @ 09/14/14 06:08 PM

everyone is important and no one is irrelivent. i think being misunderstood is awasy of liffe ofr us. as unailras it is - just getting over it is BS and not being hypersensitive in our situation is vertually impossible. i hope your day gets bette
International Conference
Jump to new posts Looking for roommate at 2014 conference by mesa74 @ 09/14/14 03:10 PM

Hello, My name is Sam, and I'm 46yo. I'm looking to share a hotel room with someone that has plans to attend the male survivor conference this october 2014. Please send me a private message if you are interested in splitting the cost of a hotel room
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Throw-away kid by Chase Eric @ 09/13/14 12:56 PM

Thanks, Jeff - from one kind soul to another.
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: Brother Hospitalized by sorryson @ 09/13/14 08:08 AM

Kevin I never thought to call Dad's wife my stepmother until you used the word in your post. I received a private message and someone wrote this about her, sounds like a great person wish there were more people like that in the world. That person is
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Being a Survivor is not enough by sorryson @ 09/13/14 07:50 AM

The list made me think of where I am. I think I am somewhere between victim and survivor. From looking at the list I realize most of what I need to change is in the head. I need to believe and see things differently. Sounds like it should be so s
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