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Jump to new posts Re: The Past Few Weeks by ScottSmith @ 13 minutes 40 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: ScottSmithsounds like that dance the running man after a few days of it you are still in the same spot exhausted hope your future moves you a step further Some say… this too shall pass…some times i want to yell back screw you
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Jump to new posts Re: Trying to understand masculinity by pufferfish @ 42 minutes 51 seconds ago

I have what may be the opposite problem. Maybe it's the same problem and I just don't understand it. I tend to think that male humans are aggressors. My inner thought is that they are mean and controlling. Sexually they just want it from me. So
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Jump to new posts Re: easily lost and confused by Suwanee @ Yesterday at 10:06 PM

Sorry to hear that Lee. I can't really relate to what you are describing. If anything, I'm the polar opposite…to the point of sharing a homing pigeon's sense of direction. My "issue" is needing to experience EVERYTHING. The past and future
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Bumps Along the Way by On The Fringe @ Yesterday at 09:40 PM

I agree with sorting out what is a horrific memory of abuse, from what you like sexually that may be similar to your abuse. Sex is good, and fun, although it was misused on us as children. I feel for me, that it messed up how I understood the emo
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Thank you Honey for not giving up on me :-) by learning2luvme @ Yesterday at 08:42 PM know who you are....I just wanted to 1. Thank you for standing by me when nothing in the world made sense. 2. Thank you for allowing me adequate room to heal as I needed to heal. 3. Thank you for respecting my privacy when I needed it.
Jump to new posts Re: coping by I Want 2 Thrive @ Yesterday at 08:23 PM

Originally Posted By: newgroundhey my friend you got it all just right except for one thing ... you are not alone. Good writing man keep it up What ^he^ said. I may be new but, we are all here...
Gay/Bi/Trans Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: finally self-acceptance by lapchinj @ Yesterday at 04:20 PM

have a party, a love in with everyone invited Peace, Rainbows, Love, Healing & Hope <3 XOXO Jeff
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: The Bar Keeps Moving by HD001 @ Yesterday at 11:41 AM

Airmid I feel like I could've written this post. So much of what you wrote rings true with me. I've become a little cynical anymore when it comes to H. Whenever he does something nice or puts in an effort I always think to myself. "O great w
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Long Time no see! by KMCINVA @ Yesterday at 10:43 AM

Devon0 Great to hear life is good and worth living. MS has been a godsend for me along with a therapist, doctors, support groups, and wonderful friends and supporters. But MS is here 24/7, we can vent, share and support anytime of day. I have been h
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts having my aura photographed by HD001 @ Yesterday at 10:37 AM

So this week I went with a friend to have my aura photographed. I had never had it done before and thought it would just be some silly fun thing to do with a friend. Well it turned out to be very interesting indeed. My aura was bright yellow with
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: X-Men director Bryan Singer sued for raping a teen by Chase Eric @ Yesterday at 08:24 AM

Quote:Nothing surprises me anymore--sadly it is the minority that cause CSA and those that deny and further inflict damage are also a minority. The greatest significance in this story is the turning of the heads. For every abuser, there are at least
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts Re: My Story. by don64 @ Yesterday at 05:07 AM

Hi Teba, My take is that if you felt abused, you were abused. You are the only one who can ever decide for yourself what is right for you and how you feel. Whether your experiences fall into categories of illegality or not is insignificant compare
Jump to new posts Re: My Dark Passenger by zip14 @ 04/17/14 11:54 PM

We are the same age Victor. Things seem to be moving rapidly at this moment. It is tough to keep balance. I am in contact with Police twice each day. The Detective in charge said he wants to know every detail of his past charges, court cases, appe
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: angry at the world by KMCINVA @ 04/17/14 10:24 PM

Cam I can only say I admire you. I had severe dissociative issues and everyone ran the other way as I would loss time and place. You took your husband to the hospital to help with the dissociative issues, I was left stranded at the hospital when I
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts My Story: Attacked by my Lesbian friend - warning by Serpenta @ 04/17/14 05:54 PM

Hello everyone. I've been lurking for a single night, so I don't know everything about the forum yet. I've been feeling pretty awful, so I've been looking for information on male survivors of rape. For those with particular sensitivities, though, thi
Moving Forward: Research Studies
Jump to new posts Male Survivors of Adult Sexual Victimization Study by Chris Anderson @ 04/17/14 04:57 PM

Volunteers needed to talk about their sexual victimization experience. Would you like to donate about 2 hours of your time for an interview about your life and your sexual victimization experience? The research focuses on how men make sense of their
IW2T I read about your wish for courage when you were a kid. You cannot hold yourself responsible for anything Thomas did. There is no proof that saying anything would have helped anyone. You could have ended up dead. You are not responsible for
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: ED by justplainme @ 04/17/14 01:15 PM

[quote=Jay1946]Justplainme: Interesting angle. Makes sense to me. I'm going to explore it more on my own life history. [/quote I'll look for the material i have on this and share it here.
Jump to new posts O) Fall by tommyb @ 04/17/14 12:04 PM

(a chapter) Swan river flows along a path never intended for human feet. A larger river, two hundred miles long, called “French,” is what Swan leads to. Ground is first broke in the eighteenth century along Christian Creek, a tributary of Swan riv
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Jonathan Merritt by traveler @ 04/17/14 11:07 AM

this is one of the best things i have read recently. there is much in it that i can identify with. it tells the story in his own words of his CSA, life of secrecy and pain, and being outed, attacked and embraced by various factions. it does have so
Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Jump to new posts Re: He did it again by kcinohio @ 04/17/14 10:08 AM

Hope this doesn't trigger you to leave again. Sometimes time passing lets us handle these things more smoothly than the way we were able to before. By the way, liked your "but for the grace of Gods we go." May have to start using that adap
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Things boys discover by traveler @ 04/17/14 08:11 AM

Originally Posted By: pufferfishMy goal was to one day pee from the window. Now let's psychoanalyze that!!! Puffer ... which leads to: 920. When peeing outside, don't pee against the wind, but with it.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I can't stop being angry :( by dark empathy @ 04/17/14 03:44 AM

Hi Magellan. Yes, I am back and writing a reply. You know I share similar feelings of anger and isolation, heck I even expressed them on this forum in a not good way. However one thing I'm coming to realize is that there is a point when you have do
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I Gay? Part 4 by justplainme @ 04/17/14 03:42 AM

Originally Posted By: Jed777In the fall of 1974 I decided to go to see, "A Very Natural Thing." It was a movie that portrayed homosexuality in a positive way. I identified with the main character who had been in religious training. I took t
Jump to new posts Shrinks by kcinohio @ 04/17/14 02:01 AM

Walking home after work Just want to stop and sit On the sidewalk right here Because I am in the pit Of despair, not from job That I managed to complete Barely there, but got by Quiet, dead on my feet. As I sweat through the rest Make it home and c
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