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Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Victim vs. Survivor by Bluedogone @ 11 minutes 27 seconds ago

What a great post! It's a reminder that there are many stages and events that make up a life. I have to acknowledge each one, and it's up to me how I react and handle them. Excellent points.
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: Media blowhard says rape isn't real by BraveFalcon @ Today at 11:57 AM

Ann Coulter is a joke. Pretty much a cartoon character at this point. She's kind of like the real-world, female embodiment of Eric Cartman. The only difference between she and Cartman is, she isn't funny and some people actually take her seriously.
Discussion Board Questions
Jump to new posts Re: plug in needed for chat? by myrlin @ Today at 11:55 AM

Thanks Will. I just tried Photon and the chat room works on my android tablet!
Male Survivors
Originally Posted By: kcinohioCompleted it. Things would have been very different if I'd answered at different points in my recovery. Absolutely. If I had taken the survey just five years ago, my answers would have substantially different. If nothi
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: Intimacy Issue? by watzupwitu @ Today at 10:30 AM

I suspect that when I will eventually have my first relationship I'm likely to have intimacy issues. Maybe then I will end up making a thread, asking for advice myself. So far I haven't had sex or been intimate, and even though I do feel some sexual
Military Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: help for male rape in Army system by Bardo @ Today at 08:18 AM

Ninja, I am 25 years Navy, recently retired. I had not realized my issues until after I retired, so I could not avail myself of the resources available. But I do know that the chaplain is a gatekeeper to the mental health system, and that they will b
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: first setback with my wife by Jude @ Today at 05:28 AM

Iaccus, Disclosure is always a crapshoot. And with wives even more so. They don't get why we are bring it up now, why we didn't tell at the time, why we have hidden it from them, what else we might be hiding, and what we want from them now. We hav
Jump to new posts Re: Hello by Jude @ Today at 05:13 AM

Welcome Ninjasm, Don't ever, ever give up. Fight for what was stolen from you with everything you have. Its a long, difficult process to find help and move forward in healing. Just posting here is a huge step. For any guy to say "this terribl
Jump to new posts Re: New Here by Jude @ Today at 05:05 AM

Originally Posted By: FuriousMick.... my hostile and violent feelings towards that piece of sh%$ that raped me has almost taken over my life. Welcome Mick, Rage on, you've got plenty to be angry about and holding it in has never worked for any of us
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by Jude @ Today at 04:59 AM

Originally Posted By: TheGreatWhatI feel so very alone. Welcome TheGreatWhat! "So very alone" says so very much about how we have coped with what happened to us. But your posting here is a huge step out of that isolation. Imagine 12,000+ g
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Confusion warning triggers by manipulated @ Today at 03:02 AM

Max, I have been there. So overwhelmed with memories, then guilt, then shame because I must have enjoyed it not only because my body said I did but because I sought out other boys who wanted to explore the ways I had been taught. The depression pa
Jump to new posts improvised improvement by victor-victim @ Today at 12:46 AM

my past is history. my future's a mystery. now is infinity. time is eternity. life is opportunity. death is my destiny. fear is my enemy. love is my gift to me. ------------------ inspired by and dedicated to kb8715 IT REALLY DOES GET BET
Jump to new posts Re: it couldnt be done! by Chase Eric @ Yesterday at 10:55 PM

My response has often been something like, "Oh yeah? Watch me..." - although on occasion that was immediately followed by a trip to emergency.
Jump to new posts Re: awakening to hell by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 10:28 PM

you deserve no less than all the rest. sleep no more where nightmares dwell. awaken and rise from dreams of hell. open your eyes to paradise. what thrives in the dark night, dies in the daylight.
Health and Wellbeing
Jump to new posts Re: SA ends 40 years ago but health impact continues by manipulated @ Yesterday at 10:12 PM

I finished follow up medical tests this week. Upper GI scope on Tuesday and Colonoscopy on Thursday. Found strictures in esophagus which was dilated, GERD, and hiatal hernia all mild to moderate and two benign polyps with unchanged diverticulitis. Wa
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts deleted by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 09:51 PM

wrong forum - sorry moved it. happy holidays. "god bless us, everyone" timothy cratchit
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: IT DOES GET BETTER by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 09:46 PM

yes, indeed, it does, in fact, get better. then it gets worse for a while. THEN IT GETS EVEN BETTER AGAIN! . my past is history. my future's a mystery. now is infinity. time is eternity. life is opportunity. death is my destiny. fear is my
Jump to new posts Re: "It'll All Be OK" by woodenshoes @ Yesterday at 09:35 PM

Very true Husky. Thank you. Ws
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Christmas by don64 @ Yesterday at 08:20 PM

Hi Txb, I find that honoring my own feelings is the beginning of understanding them in a context. It doesn't mean I need to change them. It does mean that I find it important to understand my feelings if I want them to be a part of supporting me o
Male Survivors
Hi TheGreatWhat, Just asking the questions you are asking is so healthy, from my perspective. For me, confusion is a healthy process, and a signal that my insides are re-forming--in the midst of coming to a new understanding of myself. However, th
Jump to new posts Re: bunny wabbit. by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 07:01 PM

this one made elmer smile.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Love? by myrlin @ Yesterday at 04:56 PM

Originally Posted By: Chase Eric But I think that a quieter perspective can be a norm for some of us. Hate and anger are always the loudest voices. And as they shout around us, we stay hidden, having not owned our bodies, our destinies or our inte
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: A Bully by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 03:18 PM

i have two teen daughters. i hurt when they hurt. the social surfing sure is up and down. like you said, one comment can collapse confidence. i can barely remember my own past pain, so sometimes i can't connect but my girls are quick to remind
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: Ah - the holidays.... by sugarbaby @ Yesterday at 09:10 AM

Sometimes I wonder if he should chat with them more about how this has effected him in the long term. I know that early on I just ran into every landmine there was when discussing this with H. I don't push him to do that though because when he was d
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Re: MEGA pedo ring at highest levels of UK govt by victor-victim @ Yesterday at 01:58 AM

the predators come from all walks of life. they come in all shapes and sizes. why not the rich and powerful?
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