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Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by woodenshoes @ 12/17/14 07:42 PM

Welcome the Great what. All the best in your journey. Take care of the boy within. Woodenshoes
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by Nothing Man @ 12/17/14 07:15 PM

Welcome. Here on MS you are not alone; you are surrounded by us fellow survivors. We will support you and I hope you find peace and healing.
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Jump to new posts Re: Cedar Park, Texas by victor-victim @ 12/17/14 07:14 PM

i am reminded of woody allen and oj simpson. i want to form a valid view, but the facts are hard to find. opinion is not evidence. rumour is not research. suspicion is not conviction. speculation is not investigation. law is a poor substitute
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Jump to new posts Re: Cedar Park, Texas by Nothing Man @ 12/17/14 07:12 PM

I think Eric makes some excellent points. None of us really know the truth. I wish there was a way to guarantee that only the guilty get convicted. But I suppose that unless I see unequivocal proof of innocence, I have to side with the victims.
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Jump to new posts Re: US tortured people -- triggers by Nothing Man @ 12/17/14 07:10 PM

Originally Posted By: Still Don't wanna be tortured? Don't be a terrorist. Just remember who we are up against. Sydney - Right now! 50 minutes from me I'm getting bloody tired of these animals. They rape children wholesale too! Th
Jump to new posts bunny wabbit. by Sterling @ 12/17/14 05:41 PM

if Bugs Bunny was your friend , would you buy him a carrot? Goran. kind of lame, eh? .
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by victor-victim @ 12/17/14 05:19 PM

you are welcome here. is a great resource. recovery is a lonely road, but it is jammed with traffic. take the time to get to know some of your fellow travellers. a good conversation could bloom into a friendship. it starts with an int
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Jump to new posts Re: Victim vs. Survivor by victor-victim @ 12/17/14 05:09 PM

real. good. i might add that i went through a phase between becoming a victim and accepting that label. these are the stages i played. these are the roles i remember. child. monster. victim. survivor. thriver. victor. alchemy, mor
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by une.vie.d.espoir @ 12/17/14 04:45 PM

Welcome among us. As i know every one here wants to help. We have been were you are now. Take care, Jean-Pierre
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by Bardo @ 12/17/14 03:42 PM

Welcome to MS. Sorry you have to be here but happy that you found us. The door is always open and folks are ready to hear from you. I wish you peace and prosperity in your college work. Freeman
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Jump to new posts Re: Cedar Park, Texas by Chase Eric @ 12/17/14 01:28 PM

The link to Watchkeep in the original post above is certainly worth reading. It would seem that Mr. Kelley is as guilty as his conviction would compel us to believe. Yet recently we have seen disturbing examples of police executing their duties wit
Jump to new posts Re: it couldnt be done! by concerned_husky @ 12/17/14 12:23 PM

Male Survivors
I just completed it. It was interesting and a bit enlightening on my part.
Male Survivors
From Christopher Anderson's post To participate in this study, please log onto Questions? Contact Jennifer Lyons from the Children's Well-being Lab at the University of Ottawa: 613-562-58
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Jump to new posts Re: Victim vs. Survivor by Chase Eric @ 12/17/14 11:11 AM

I suppose I could preface this with a perspective I carried long before I dealt with re-exploring my past and my abuse. It was a period some years back during which I was out of work, and the afternoon talk shows were (and perhaps still are) all the
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Jump to new posts Re: Online study of early sexual experiences answered by JeffreyNYC @ 12/17/14 11:03 AM

What's the survey link, please? Thanks.
Male Survivors
where do we find this study?
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Victim vs. Survivor by iaccus @ 12/17/14 10:50 AM

wow great post
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Jump to new posts Re: Accepting The Natural Order by Obi @ 12/17/14 10:43 AM

Still, you are correct in that survivors are not blessed angels that can do whatever we want without consequences. However, as a kid you did what you had to do to survive. Your thoughts were that of a kid and not that of a mature adult. What put you
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Jump to new posts Re: Cedar Park, Texas by Still @ 12/17/14 10:02 AM

The behavior of that mad gang she describes is purely indicative of evil. These people are genuinely evil, thus they side with evil. I wish I could send in tons of money to the families. I wish I could make it all go away for them.
Male Survivors
I did the survey. Knowing that some elements of the survey instrument are factors in healing and ways we deal with the past, I felt horribly inadequate. It does force you to directly examine some background noise face-to-face.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Victim vs. Survivor by ninjasm @ 12/17/14 09:43 AM

I sent this in a PM and thought it warrants a thread in response to someone pointing out that I see myself as a survivor. Please discuss - what do you think? How do you move forward or around or backward? What changes your perspective? Do you hate
Male Survivors
I like that I cannot change the past--only my reaction to it. That is so true. Once we change our reaction to the past it no longer controls us. Thank you for reminding me of that. Hope all is well.
Male Survivors
Originally Posted By: KMCINVA... I had to catch myself and say I cannot change the past I can only direct the future... Spot on. My mantra is to also remember I cannot change the past-only my reaction to it. Will
Jump to new posts Re: Here's hoping... by Bluedogone @ 12/17/14 09:07 AM

Hi TheGreatWhat, and welcome, Congratulations on making the decision to return to college. It can be quite challenging, especially when burdened with all the emotional baggage that goes along eith CSA. If you've been out of college for awhile you pr
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