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Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Jump to new posts Re: He did it again by kcinohio @ Yesterday at 10:08 AM

Hope this doesn't trigger you to leave again. Sometimes time passing lets us handle these things more smoothly than the way we were able to before. By the way, liked your "but for the grace of Gods we go." May have to start using that adap
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: ED by Jay1946 @ Yesterday at 09:45 AM

Justplainme: Interesting angle. Makes sense to me. I'm going to explore it more on my own life history.
Jump to new posts Re: Of all they took, I miss my smile ****TRIGGERS**** by I Want 2 Thrive @ Yesterday at 09:36 AM

Originally Posted By: victor-victimwhatever happened to thomas and his crew? I was 22 when I was off the booze and was forced to deal with the wreckage of my life, and all of that pain and rage, without the numbing agents. I took 30 days leave from
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Things boys discover by traveler @ Yesterday at 08:11 AM

Originally Posted By: pufferfishMy goal was to one day pee from the window. Now let's psychoanalyze that!!! Puffer ... which leads to: 920. When peeing outside, don't pee against the wind, but with it.
Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Jump to new posts He did it again by Tyr @ Yesterday at 04:39 AM

trigger notation I worked hard at forgiveness and releasing rituals this last few months for the person who drugged and raped and nearly took life. It appears that some leopards do not change their spots. He is incarcerated has been for 2 months
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: ED by justplainme @ Yesterday at 03:55 AM

It is an issue of potency, whenever you feel helpless like the child did when you were raped. You can't have enough vitality to have an erection. Sex is a ritual of power. There are power and emotional dynamics in sex. We feel the woman as all powerf
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I can't stop being angry :( by dark empathy @ Yesterday at 03:44 AM

Hi Magellan. Yes, I am back and writing a reply. You know I share similar feelings of anger and isolation, heck I even expressed them on this forum in a not good way. However one thing I'm coming to realize is that there is a point when you have do
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I Gay? Part 4 by justplainme @ Yesterday at 03:42 AM

Originally Posted By: Jed777In the fall of 1974 I decided to go to see, "A Very Natural Thing." It was a movie that portrayed homosexuality in a positive way. I identified with the main character who had been in religious training. I took t
Jump to new posts Shrinks by kcinohio @ Yesterday at 02:01 AM

Walking home after work Just want to stop and sit On the sidewalk right here Because I am in the pit Of despair, not from job That I managed to complete Barely there, but got by Quiet, dead on my feet. As I sweat through the rest Make it home and c
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: strangers help by Publius @ Yesterday at 01:04 AM

I am sorry to hear how unsettling this has been for you especially the panic attacks (I've only had one but the mere fear of another is enough to get me anxious). I am sure it feels difficult having so many strangers, people you are not sure you can
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Love is more than a feeling by nltsaved @ Yesterday at 12:54 AM

Love is so much more than a feeling, I am learning that love is a choice. People say they fall in and out of love because they are depended on a feeling and when the feeling is no longer there than they choose to terminate the relationship. When one
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I can't stop being angry :( by Publius @ Yesterday at 12:54 AM

I agree with everyone here and am happy to hear you giving voice to those feelings. All too often the modus operandi of survivors is to dismiss their progress while focusing on what they have yet to achieve. It sounds to me like your recovery has p
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: This American Life: Interview With A Pedophile by pufferfish @ Yesterday at 12:52 AM

I have a book: Conversations With a Pedophile, By Amy Hammell-Zabin. The book is also available in a Kindle edition Yes, I've read it. I don't think his name is e
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts strangers help by OKIE MIKE @ Yesterday at 12:48 AM

I recently Had some damage to my home. Do to Branch coming off a tree and hitting the roof. I have had to hire people to repair the damage . Having strangers around my home and in my home has caused several panic attacks . This just sucks
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: The Bar Keeps Moving by md4e @ Yesterday at 12:47 AM

This is my first post..even tho I've been reading for a year..I read so much that seems to be coming staight from my soul. This is how I feel so much of the time, only I say I never know when I cross "the line". It seems like I'm forever re
Gay/Bi/Trans Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: finally self-acceptance by pufferfish @ Yesterday at 12:43 AM

That's another problem with having DID. You don't know which self to love Puffer
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Things boys discover by pufferfish @ Yesterday at 12:41 AM

Originally Posted By: pufferfishWe lived in a two-story house. My bedroom was on the 2nd floor. I periodically dropped a lit firecracker from the window. My goal was to one day pee from the window. Now let's psychoanalyze that!!! Puffer
Jump to new posts Re: Trying to Start by Rich1967 @ 04/16/14 10:13 PM

Good luck Buff! I will look forward to your check-ins Nothing wrong with having some faith. So happy to hear you spoke in public. I think that needs to happen more. We need to speak out more and share our stories. I am sure you have helped o
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Am I Gay? Part 4 by victor-victim @ 04/16/14 08:54 PM

am i gay? i have never been able to answer that question honestly or accurately. i stopped caring about labels. to ourselves, we are our thoughts. to others, we are our actions. have i had a challenging journey arriving at a responsible sex
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Forgiveness & the toughest 16 inches *trigger* by I Want 2 Thrive @ 04/16/14 08:41 PM

Thank you Victor. Much to think / pray on.
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: healing through forgiveness by I Want 2 Thrive @ 04/16/14 08:39 PM

Originally Posted By: victor-victim it became obvious that I NEVER HAD THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Crying so hard right now... Remembering the line repeated so often when everyone thought my pain was JUST a drinking thing... "Let God, let
A smile is a great thing. As a child I had a smile people would comment on. I was able to keep it going through most of my life. Sometimes it was real and other times I was hiding a pain that no one knew. There were periods when I could not smile.
Jump to new posts Re:'s real and I'm messed up..... by victor-victim @ 04/16/14 08:28 PM

welcome, g35dw888, powerful intro. i totally relate to your words... Quote:I've decided to recover and she thinks it's just a tactic to get her to stay like another manipulation tool. I don't feel like that's what it is. But I don't know what t
Jump to new posts Re: My Dark Passenger by victor-victim @ 04/16/14 08:19 PM

thanks for the update. now that the investigation has reached the criminal, we can only hope that his crimes will stop. that is the first priority. the next most important thing is identifying and locating his other victims and getting them th
Jump to new posts Re: New member by victor-victim @ 04/16/14 08:07 PM

Originally Posted By: mikegback again after a couple of weeks, how you guys doing? inside out, upside down, spinning round, head in the clouds, feet on the ground. my kids are killing me with stress and worry but i love them more than life. wai
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