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Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: A question re: therapists reporting to police by WriterKeith @ 37 minutes 28 seconds ago

Thanks, Phoenix, To answer your Qs, my [fantastic] therapist was recently assigned to a different department and no longer sees clients. I am being assigned to a new therapist through Kaiser, my healthcare provider. They did an excellent job matchin
Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Jump to new posts Re: Dealing with Stalkers by Tyr @ Yesterday at 11:56 PM

I have that book and you guys are discussing 2 very different scenarios. 1. if you have a 1 person stalker. that usually is one person who has mental illness issues and is trying to dominate and intimidate you thru covert means. 2. Invisible Crim
Men Abused/Assaulted as Adults
Jump to new posts Re: Dealing with the effects of a trauma by Tyr @ Yesterday at 11:53 PM

Of course. The thing is, its ok to have attraction and feelings to sexy men! And don't let the experiences with one guy who went too far without conscientiousness ruin you. Not all hispanics or any one group are monsters. But yes sometimes, theres a
Survivors of Female Abuse
Jump to new posts Re: helplessness: the last line of defense by focusedbody @ Yesterday at 11:27 PM

Gaatt: Good to hear the similarities, as painful as they are. Like you, for many years I empathized with women who had been hurt. It became something I thought I was good at, something that seemed to make it easier to get close to them. When more
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: pain does strange things to people by HD001 @ Yesterday at 11:19 PM

So after another therapy session and a lot of thinking I realized a few things. The reason that H's behavior has been so hurtful is because everytime he took off or shut me out or lied I heard a negative message about myself. "I'm not a good
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: my last day by KMCINVA @ Yesterday at 11:07 PM

Lee I am happy for you and your wife. You have been through much. Despite this you have been there for me and so many here at MS. It is time you seek your dreams and happiness. You have earned it--you have worked hard and overcame many challenges
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: who ever created this site... by Cthulhu @ Yesterday at 10:38 PM

Sterling, I really like your posts. I like the way you write and often what you write. You're presence here makes this site a better place for me. So thank you
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: A fresh memory from the past **trigger warning** by don64 @ Yesterday at 09:43 PM

Hi Todd, Your post really helps me put my own journey into perspective. I'm just now understanding and working through the space that keeps my emotional connection to the actual events hidden from me. I know I have to get to the feeling level of m
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Were any of you tortured? Trigger warning by roninsteve @ Yesterday at 04:36 PM

My Therapist labeled what was happening as torture and I initially disregarded it. She also pointed out that what they were doing was rape not just bullying as I was labeling it. I found that I could shut of a lot of the pain and my body was hardenin
Military Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Marriage: The Solution by Still @ Yesterday at 03:32 PM

Jed, I have discovered and realized great healing in the articulation of the events, details, results, emotions, relationship, etc. It really does not matter if I write-out the therapeutic text, or I read another's work. Thank you for writing this!
U.S. & World News
Jump to new posts Matt Sandusky interviewed by Oprah by traveler @ Yesterday at 09:59 AM
Jump to new posts Re: I reap what you sow (**triggers**)... by lapchinj @ Yesterday at 09:20 AM

Hey Eric Your post/poem about your abuser Tim lets me understand very clearly why you want to confront him so badly but need the time to focus entirely on him. We have spoke many times about him but what you write here conveys to me exactly why and
Off Topic
Jump to new posts Re: Nick Vujicic: No Arms, No Legs, No Worries! by bluesky @ 07/09/14 11:14 PM

Thank you so much this really has helped me put things in a better perspective.
Books, Music & Films for Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Songs for survivors by bluesky @ 07/09/14 10:49 PM

Here's another favorite enjoy. Bastille "Flaws" When all of your flaws and all of my flaws Are laid out one by one A wonderful part of the mess that we made We pick ourselves undone All of your flaws and all of my flaws They lie there h
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Inspirational Quotes by Jude @ 07/09/14 10:18 PM

"Failure is an event, not an identity" -Author unknown
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: boundaries by Jude @ 07/09/14 10:10 PM

This person has appointed himself/herself to "fix" you. Tell them you're not broken, and don't need fixing. If they persist, you really need them in your life? Jude
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Not Dead by Jude @ 07/09/14 09:58 PM

IANB, Thanks for the new story. As always, heartfelt and well written. The support group facilitator's comment just about took my breath away: “Why is it that when we are happy, we understand that this happiness feeling will fade away but when we
Jump to new posts Re: my small intro by Jude @ 07/09/14 09:49 PM

Welcome Tim07, You are among friends here. We're all different, but all the same. Be well, Jude
Family and Friends
Jump to new posts Re: so I'm going to do something crazy by focusedbody @ 07/09/14 09:00 PM

HD001: I'm not sure if this sounds right, but what you seem to be acting upon is your integrity. I like to think I have it. It's been very hard to hold on to, though. As you say, there is a lot of conventional wisdom that tends to move one away f
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Had a dream with me and my mother by kcinohio @ 07/09/14 08:27 PM

Hi Don, Glad you are finding some dream work to be healing. Hope your progress continues - great work in thinking through it.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Trust by Jacob S @ 07/09/14 01:37 PM

Originally Posted By: MagellanI'm learning to put my trust in believing in the forces of life and evolution. While things may seem bleak today, by historical standards, we're far more civilized and less warfaring than in times of the past. The forc
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Constant media barrage of CSA in the UK by Chase Eric @ 07/09/14 10:50 AM

I try to make sense of the media circus, too. It was similar here in the states with the Sandusky story. It seems a paradox that so many can purposely look away and not see this stuff (think church, BSA, Penn State and even my own experience), yet
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: The Circle of Life by sorryson @ 07/09/14 08:11 AM

I guess everyone has some dysfunctional aspect in their family. I guess we are all a product of our enviornment including our family. I guess I cannot change the past, only learn to accept it. I am trying to forgive Mama but she still says her fami

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