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Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I hate sugar by don64 @ Today at 02:35 AM

Hi Magellan, Sugar is another medication for me. I only use it when everything else I do isn't enough for panic/anxiety. Don't beat yourself up. The sugar helped get you where you are right now. If you don't need it again, great!! If you do nee
Gay/Bi/Trans Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: My Story by kcinohio @ Yesterday at 11:54 PM

I think the "coping mechanisms" that Chase Eric brought up are a good focus. There are such a variety of them that we use. Figuring out what's what as we heal can be a challenge. Sorry the relationship thing ended recently. What I found is
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Jump to new posts Re: Scott Johnson - My Dirty Little Secret by Jude @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

Only one word comes to mind: DEVASTATING. His story is close to mine in many ways. I have to log off, its just too much right now.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Looking for insights into YOUR recovery journey by Jude @ Yesterday at 11:32 PM

My "journey" has looked like this.... 1) Sobriety: I stopped medicating the pain and supporting the denial of what happened. 2) Honesty: I became willing to admit to myself and others what really happened and how it had affected me. 3) L
Sexual Abuse/Exploitation In Media
Jump to new posts Re: Triggers and How to Handle Them by lapchinj @ Yesterday at 11:16 PM

Yeah that's a big thing for me not cutting. I don't know what used to set me off to cut but I think that my meds have a lot to do with stopping it. I would make 2 or 3 cuts on my arm and just cut the same cuts over and over for a couple of weeks unti
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Just because by finallyhere @ Yesterday at 11:07 PM

Still- I have no advice but my heart goes out to you and I would like to share a promise you may appreciate ( I hope so ). Read Psalm 37:10,11 just one of so many of my favorites still to come.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I hate sugar by finallyhere @ Yesterday at 10:53 PM

Just like everything else.... You're a step farther now that you've identified the source. Good luck and healthy eating!
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I hate sugar by Bardo @ Yesterday at 09:32 PM

Because sugar is as addictive to some of us as many other substances. I am the same way. Gotta just stay away. Peanut butter too!
Jump to new posts Re: 2 weeks into realizing what happened by gettingstronger @ Yesterday at 09:25 PM

Hi Sonata1, Welcome to the club nobody wants to belong to! Your story is very much like many of ours here: Abuse over a multi-year period, then a time lag of some decades until it rears its head again, then the beginning of real healing. Getting
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Just because by Obi @ Yesterday at 08:30 PM

Get it all out, still. Keep pouring out the words and thoughts and feelings you need to.
The triad of current marketing success: Traffic Compelling Content Appealing Design They ALL fail if any one of them fails. It a three-legged stool if you will. So you are competing for traffic. You need some darned loud compelling content and the
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Just because by Still @ Yesterday at 08:01 PM

Consider for a moment how much of the person is formed in the first 15 years of life. Though the CSA was "only" from ages 7 to 14, it was constant and it was vicious. My father was unpredictably ultra violent from age 0-15. It was random
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: I wish you all enough by une.vie.d.espoir @ Yesterday at 07:01 PM

Happy birtday from Jp
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Pushy People and Boundaries by une.vie.d.espoir @ Yesterday at 06:51 PM

Hi Husky, its me JP, I just want to share whit you you did a great thing, maybe now you don't or can't realise it, but by getting you hanger out at your mother,(in the bathroom) you permited to yourself two thing that was love and hate. we are supos
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Healing Circle - Cancelled Sunday, November 2 by Anomalous @ Yesterday at 06:46 PM

Hi Guys, The Healing Circle will be cancelled this Sunday, November 2, 2014. Anomalous
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts I hate sugar by Magellan @ Yesterday at 06:42 PM

DAMMIT!!! Been wondering why I've been having such a hard time of things this past couple of months. Yes, the move was stressfull. Job has been stressfull. New environment has kicked up some new allergy or something because I feel like I'm always fi
Male Survivors
for me it was a situation that arose that opened the flood gates to all of my memories of being abused. there was no putting them back after that. had no choice BUT to work through it... the one thing i would tell myself from back then, that i know
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Looking for insights into YOUR recovery journey by SurvivingMe @ Yesterday at 04:57 PM

Hello, men: I'm not sure I can adequately ask what I am trying to get at here but I hope to gain some ideas/insights/understanding from the collective wisdom of the men on MS about their individual recovery journey. What does/did your personal reco
Spirituality and Survivors
Jump to new posts Virtue by SamV @ Yesterday at 04:33 PM

So beyond me at the moment, but this personality trait touched me in a process that has been coming up for about a week now. Virtue. Virtuous. That word seems ambiguous, but really it is specific, like learning how to speak a new language has descrip
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Just because by Dave PNW @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

Still, I am no expert in forgiveness here, but I am working on it too... at least considering and trying to understand the process. I know it happens in pieces and over time. Especially if your forgiving numerous actions from several individuals spr
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Jump to new posts Scott Johnson - My Dirty Little Secret by zip14 @ Yesterday at 01:42 PM

Scott hit a lot of chords with me and I hope his brave Youtube posting provides you with some strength as it did me. Forgive me if this is old news and previously posted.
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Done by Dave PNW @ Yesterday at 01:31 PM

Anura, not sure exactly what your done with? Relationship problems? Or are you talking about your recovery work? I understand how this is pretty overwhelming. You have done a lot of hard work recently.... disclosed to your girlfriend, joined MS, told
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Done by NoSimpleMachine @ Yesterday at 01:25 PM

Anura, I've felt this way. To the point where I feel it in my bones as a gnawing vindication that I truly am worthless as a person. It's not true. I lived up in Washington state for just over 3 years; I made friends, I fell into some social roles,
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: ironic by Sonata1 @ Yesterday at 01:13 PM

For me anxiety has some connection with the threat of violence associated with my abuse, whereas here I am not in that headspace. So in that sense it's safe in a way that real life may not be. And it's also honest in a way that daily life is not, whi
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Just because by NoSimpleMachine @ Yesterday at 01:06 PM

True JustScott, it's oversimplifying to say that forgiveness and peace are states you arrive at once and stay at. It is a daily choice. The way I see it, forgiveness is the state of habitually making the self-loving choice to let your day and life be
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