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Jump to new posts Re: Didnt get a DUI by Jude @ 47 minutes 51 seconds ago

Hi Inside, As another PTSD alcoholic I can tell you that many of us have to hit bottom before we will finally get help with our addiction. Sometimes that bottom is jail time. Sometimes its killing someone. Sometimes its losing everything you had val
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Hi FB, Thanks so much for reminding me of all this. Intellectually, I have known and believed for some time that the best way for me is to continue to grow the vessel that is me large enough to hold all my experience in consciousness. The goal bei
Jump to new posts Re: member by jmr2191 @ Yesterday at 11:51 PM

Thanks Jude and Une.Vie.D.Espoir. Your kind words really mean a lot. Jude, you're right on the money. Guys around me frowned upon those who didn't love to brag about sexual escapades and I had to try to avoid those conversations without being scruti
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Jump to new posts Re: more high school football "hazing" by Jude @ Yesterday at 11:48 PM

When I was on my high school wrestling team, the hazing of freshmen consisted of a couple of older boys approaching him in the shower and praising his wrestling abilities as a distraction from the fact that they were both pissing on his legs. Others
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Jump to new posts Re: Starting recovery by Anura @ Yesterday at 11:30 PM

Thank you both. It is very tough, but all of this helps me greatly. And my girlfriend is the most awesome human that I have ever met. I'm so eternally greatfull that I did not lose her through all of this
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Not dealing with it (again) by Jude @ Yesterday at 11:29 PM

Dear Bardo, I can well understand your hesitation to open this "can of worms". Many of us know that it is a painful, difficult task that often gets worse before it gets better. It may be easy to tell yourself "I don't really need his
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Pushy People and Boundaries by focusedbody @ Yesterday at 11:26 PM

Husky: Great to hear things are going well. Also good to hear that you are working the middle ground. It's a place to test yourself as good as any other one could think of. I don't think there is any cookie-cutter approach to setting boundaries.
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Jump to new posts Re: Under aged sexual exploitation or art by ShortedDiode @ Yesterday at 10:58 PM

Originally Posted By: StillThat book IMO, was blatant Child Porno. I saw it in our so-very-cool new shopping mall, in that oh-so-very chique and hip Book Store. I remember those day in America. I was 14 when I saw that freakin book. All I could thin
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Jump to new posts Re: my avocado tree by ShortedDiode @ Yesterday at 10:42 PM

Congratulations on the Avocado tree bearing fruit, Don. I hope it continues to do so for many more seasons to come. If you were doing something enjoyable like picking up some new music and you're moving too fast for the state of your physical healt
Jump to new posts Re: Picking Up the Pieces by une.vie.d.espoir @ Yesterday at 10:15 PM

You are in a good way of thinking, By experience keep up to most fgood friends around you that understand what did apen to you. Heres are alot, Welcome. Jean-Pierre
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Jump to new posts Re: Nightmares by sorryson @ Yesterday at 10:09 PM

Nightmares are terrible. My doctor and counselor tell me it is my minds way to let the memories out. But why do they have to be so emotional and why do I have to feel him. They tell me we have body memories that were buried with the abuse. I think I
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Jump to new posts Re: Bad Night Upcoming Family Group Session by sorryson @ Yesterday at 09:57 PM

Thank you finally here. It is hard because the family issues get jumbled with the sexual abuse. I still am baffled by why adults act as child and in Mama's family like they were going through the terrible two's. The tantrums, the long faces, the te
Male Survivors
Jump to new posts Re: Drugs as Suicide Alternative by Still @ Yesterday at 09:36 PM

Originally Posted By: don64Hi Still, I can't go along with your use of the word "we" in your post. Of course you have to speak for yourself, but to imply you can speak for others doesn't feel good to me. There are many, many options toda
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Jump to new posts Re: not again... by Sven @ Yesterday at 04:22 PM
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Jump to new posts Re: Naive optimism or realism by dark empathy @ Yesterday at 05:25 AM

@Bluedogone, I use the phrase "the collective!" to mean culture as a hole, those forces that are not controllable. I don't think there is a huge conspiracy behind everything as I said, but increasingly we live in a world where individuals m
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Jump to new posts Re: Creative Full Stop by dark empathy @ Yesterday at 04:41 AM

Hi Bloom and welcome. I very much understand this feeling. I've been at university trying to complete a doctorate in philosophy for the last 7 years, and have also maintained a high level interest and practice of voice and performance, indeed writ
Jump to new posts Eternal Consequences For Men.... by Jude @ Yesterday at 01:51 AM

Takes a minute or two to get it.

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